Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

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Received 6/07/92

Sales price computed from revenue stamps.

B 6296 P 1877 _ Ali Ziai et ux to Mazzio's Corp, Sls Pr. $300000.00,pt NE4 Sec 4 T12N R4W IM.Retn 4441 S. 72nd East Ave, Tulsa.

B 6296 P 2216 _ Carol S. Burks fka Beard to Sylvia Garvin Dulaney, Sls Pr. $215000.00,Unit 73 Waterford Condominiums Homes.Retn 6206 Waterford Blvd, Unit 73, OKC.

B 6296 P 1881 _ Carl R. Herber et ux to Maurine Faulkner, Sls Pr. $200000.00,L13 B1 Faircloud Addn, Edm.Retn 1701 Faircloud, Edm.

B 6296 P 2205 _ Hal J. Brown et ux to Nancy Marshall Berry, Sls Pr. $190000.00,L24 B82 Sec 39 Quail Creek Addn, OKC.Retn 3201 Prairie Rose Rd, OKC.

B 6296 P 2220 _ Northwest Nursing and Convalescent Home, Inc. to Oklahoma City Equine Clinic, Sls Pr. $185000.00,pt L2 Acme Acres Addn, OKC.Retn 400 NE 70th St, OKC.

B 6297 P 74 _ Don Chesser Homes, Inc. to Philip M. Dean et ux, Sls Pr. $180500.00,L15 B1 Wellington Park Addn.Retn 13904 Briarwyck, Edm.

B 6296 P 1879 _ Donald P. Sparling et ux to Dale A. Freeman et ux, Sls Pr. $166000.00,L3 Rain Forest Estates Addn, OKC.Retn 13601 Scott St, Edm.

B 6296 P 2222 _ Arrowhead Homes, Inc. dba McCaleb's Highland Homes to James K. Christofferson et ux, Sls Pr. $155000.00,L22 B7 Rock Hollow 2nd Addn, Edm.Retn 2424 Fernwood Dr, Edm.

B 6296 P 1876 _ Fred M. Allen et ux to Fred L. Boone et ux, Sls Pr. $148000.00,pt L22 23 B1 Winding Creek Addn, Edm.Retn 2901 Lexington Way, Edm.

B 6296 P 2168 _ James M. Schneider et ux to Alex M. Bagby et ux, Sls Pr. $145000.00,L36 Silver Oaks Estates Addn.Retn 1121 Silver Oaks Dr, Edm.

B 6296 P 2169 _ Compton Construction Company, Inc to Steven A. Gibson et ux, Sls Pr. $145000.00,L2 B2 Warwick V Addn, OKC.Retn 6517 NW 110th St, OKC.

B 6296 P 2204 _ Arrowhead Homes, Inc. dba McCaleb's Highland Homes to Douglas L. Dobbs et ux, Sls Pr. $145000. …

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