Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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JULY 8, 1991


9:00 A.M.

CF-89-6871 _ Gary Lynn Thomas (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-90-1432 _ Kenneth B. Singleton (Strubhar, St. Atty)

CF-91-4646 _ David Elsworth Delozier (Strubhar, St. Atty)

CF-92-0987 _ Scott Roger Robinson (Miller, St. Atty) (4 Counts)

CF-92-1535 _ Robert Norman Rivard (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-2103 _ Trevor Eugene Nail (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-2457 _ Stephen Lee Coyle (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3184 _ Troy David Walker (Lakin, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3229 _ Riemond Eldon Blassengill, Jr. (Miller, St. Atty)

CF-92-3283 _ Betty Ann Loveless (Todd, St. Atty) (4 Counts)

CF-92-3339 _ Bruce Byron Carney (Niemeyer, St. Atty)

CF-92-3358 _ Billy Maurice Quinn (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3358 _ Portlan Renee Lee (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3417 _ Robbie Mitchell West (Miller, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3464 _ Mark Leon Miller (Smith, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3562 _ James Dale Jones (Niemeyer, St. Atty)

CF-92-3586 _ Larry Dale Brooks (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3592 _ Earl Lamont Williams (Niemeyer, St. Atty)

CF-92-3615 _ Victor W. Steaveson (Miller, St. Atty) (7 Counts)

CF-92-3619 _ Michael Anthony McBrayer (Todd, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3620 _ Harold Wayne Moore (Todd, St. Atty)

CF-92-3626 _ Gregory Lester Ransom (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3628 _ Joseph Allen Stickel (Smith, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3630 _ Marvin E. Johnson (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (3 Counts)

CF-92-3635 _ David Harvey Grant (Miller, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3640 _ Joe Randy Ewell (Lakin, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3668 _ Van Washington, Jr. (Miller, St. Atty)

CF-92-3702 _ Walter Garland (Miller, St. Atty)


JULY 8, 1991


9:00 A.M.

CF-92-3345 _ Bobby Lee Finley, Jr. (Smith, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3406 _ Tasha Stutson (Smith, St. …

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