Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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JULY 21, 1992


9:00 A.M.

CF-90-3134 _ Angela Denise Alford, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-90-3446 _ Lee Ann Wilson, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-91-909 _ Ben Auther Ealey, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-91-1026 _ Christina Denise Cockel, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-91-2240 _ Marilyn B. Baker, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-91-3874 _ William Ray Mitchell, Jr., (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-91-6968 _ Qutha Byron Winters, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-650 _ Rollie Thomas Carpenter, (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-1214 _ Dennis Alan Daniel, (Strubhar, St. Atty)

CF-92-2627 _ Stephen Walter Orr, (Davidson, St. Atty)

CF-92-2798 _ Cheryl Lynn Bristow, (Palmer, St. Atty)

CF-92-3031 _ Rollie Thomas Carpenter, (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-3068 _ Christopher Moore, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3082 _ James Earl Ware, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3213 _ Andre Gilmore, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3227 _ Rodney Laine Keck, (Smith, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3361 _ Nathan Tyrone Hill, (Niemeyer, St. Atty)

CF-92-3394 _ Richard Wingate, (Smith, St. Atty) (5 Counts)

CF-92-3394 _ Tina Marie Wingate, (Smith, St. Atty) (3 Counts)

CF-92-3455 _ Laura Etta Jones, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-3492 _ Robert Kelly Tull, (Miller, St. Atty)

CF-92-3581 _ Mary E. Miller, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-3587 _ Jesse Carl Claypool, (Lakin, St. Atty)

CF-92-3710 _ Alan Jefferson Riddle, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-3782 _ Deborah Ann Barnes, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-3805 _ Billy Dale Barnett, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CF-92-3831 _ John Lynn Harris, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3832 _ Lan Houng Thi Nguyen, (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-3841 _ Robert Gene Reed, (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-3859 _ Richard Lee Goad, (Smith, St. Atty)

CF-92-3886 _ Donald Floyd Loudermilk, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) (2 Counts)

CF-92-3886 _ Keith Bernard Young, (Niemeyer, St. Atty) 2 Counts)

CF-92-3900 _ James Fredrick Yeager, (Lakin, St. Atty)

CRF-88-3695 _ Tina Louise Coombes, (Kopp, St. Atty)

CRF-89-1157 _ Danny Leonard Polite, (Smith, St. Atty)


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