Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Warranty Deeds

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Received 8/05/92

Sales price computed from revenue stamps.

B 6318 P 1891 _ Harold Lee Perrin et ux to Larry J. Fisher et ux, Sls Pr. $95,000.00, L31 B1 Remington addn, OKC. Retn 4108 NW 145th St., OKC.

B 6319 P 69 _ Gary Morrissey to Larry C. Horn et ux, Sls Pr. $95,000.00, L28 B8 Sec 2, Lansbrook addn, OKC. Retn 8809 Lansbrook Ln., OKC.

B 6318 P 1943 _ Brenda Joy Garris to Robin L. Maupins, Sls Pr. $94,000.00, L9 B4 Copperfield addn, Edmond, OK. Retn 1313 Concord Ln., Edmond, OK.

B 6318 P 2121 _ Taylor H. Mullaly et ux to Eagle Production Investment Corp., Sls Pr. $92,500.00, L8 B13 Nichols Hills, Glenbrook addn, OK. Retn 2513 Blue Spruce Rd., Edmond, OK.

B 6318 P 2380 _ Dale A. Kitzman et ux to Clifton V. Bell et ux, Sls Pr. $86,500.00, L14 B3 Railhead Estates addn, Choctaw, OK. Retn 16641 Topeka Ln., Choctaw, OK.

B 6319 P 65 _ Roy E. Rudd et ux to Betsy J. Stafford, Sls Pr. $86,500.00, L28 B3 Lakeshore Estates addn, Sec 2 addn, OKC. Retn 5725 NW 82nd, OKC.

B 6318 P 2306 _ Jerry W. Evans et ux to Joe David Cox, Jr., et ux, Sls Pr. $83,000.00, L5 B13 Windsong addn, Sec 3, Phase One, MWC, OK. Retn 1816 Windsong Dr., MWC, OK.

B 6319 P 72 _ Michael L. Ammerman et ux to Rollie J. King et ux, Sls Pr. $70,000.00, L17-18 B1 Warr's Better Built Homes addn, No. 3, OKC. Retn 2609 Cummings Dr., OKC.

B 6319 P 63 _ Wesco Const. Co. to Bonita Sue Shaw et ux, Sls Pr. $67,500.00, L1 B31 Wind Wood Estates, Sec 6, OKC. Retn 5229 SE 85th St., OKC.

B 6318 P 1941 _ Scott A. Eggleston et ux to Michael Wayne Leonard et ux, Sls Pr. $65,500.00, L7 B12 Whispering Hts addn, Edmond, OK. Retn 513 Smiling Hill Blvd., Edmond, OK.

B 6318 P 2305 _ Gregory D. Nowakowski et ux to Michael F. Buford et ux, Sls Pr. $65,000.00, L4 B2 Woodcrest Estates addn, OK. Retn 20101 NE 63rd St., Harrah, OK.

B 6318 P 1890 _ Gary B. MacKay to Eldon Kenneth Adams et ux, Sls Pr. $63,000.00, L6 B2 Woodlake addn, OKC. Retn 7020 Stony Creek Dr., OKC.

B 6319 P 67 _ Larry C. Horn et ux to Lynn Anderson Baker, Jr., et al, Sls Pr. $63,000.00, L6 B5 Meridian Meadows 3rd addn, OKC. Retn 4332 NW 55th St., OKC.

B 6318 P 2219 _ J.L. Cadena et ux to Stephen Barnes et ux, Sls Pr. $60,000.00, L4 B21 Rambling Acres, Sec 2 addn, OKC. Retn 8513 NW 88th St., OKC.

B 6319 P 62 _ Gordon Dale Munn et ux to Sophia Lorraine Perry et al, Sls Pr. $56,000.00, L9-11 B44 Military Park addn, OKC. Retn 1914 NW 36th St., OKC.

B 6318 P 2302 _ William R. Cannon, Sr., et ux to Nicole Bailey, Sls Pr. $52,500.00, L1 B9 Midwest Hts addn, Sec 2, OKC. Retn 3816 Spitz Dr., OKC.

B 6319 P 64 _ Imogene Nourseaten et ux to Monte Oliver Hawkins et ux, Sls Pr. $50,500.00, L6 B29 Casady Hills 3rd Sec, The Village, OK. Retn 2722 Winston Rd., The Village, OK.

B 6318 P 1942 _ Midland Mtg. Co. to Kenneth Lynn Benton, Sls Pr. $49,000.00, L2-3 B4 Fair Hill addn, Edmond, OK. …

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