Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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FILED 9/17/92

P-90-1180 _ Est of Seelander; publi affi.

P-91-2003 _ Est of Toney; publi affi.

P-92-422 _ Est of Monks; publi affi.

P-92-524 _ Est of Eades; publi affi.

P-92-585 _ Est of Faram; publi affi.

P-92-860 _ Est of Lewis; publi affi.

P-92-1123 _ Est of Taylor; publi affi.

P-92-1150 _ Est of Shaffer; publi affi.

P-92-1220 _ Est of Hensley; publi affi.

P-82-1708 _ Est of Lewis, Sr.; order.

P-85-2380 _ Cons. of Bretz; claim.

P-86-1123 _ Gdnsh of Sturdivant; report, applic, notice, annual report.

P-88-1440 _ Gdnsh of Shelton; acct of gdn, order notice of hrng on 10/

21/92 at 1:30 p.m., affi of mailing.

P-89-239 _ Est of Morris; order.

P-89-188 _ Est of Garrett; order notice of hrng on 10/13/92 at 10:00 a.m., final acct., petition.

P-89-415 _ Est of Carlile; response brief.

P-90-506 _ Gdnsh of Crosby; order.

P-90-681 _ Est of Kapraun; annual report acct. (2), entry of appearance.

P-90-858 _ Gdnsh of Wilson; order.

P-91-801 _ Est of Troutt; affi of mailing, applic.

P-91-865 _ Est of Parker; affi of mailing, affi of publi, order.

P-91-1018 _ Est of Spoelstra; order notice of hrng on 10/15/92 at 9:00 a.m., final acct., petition, affi of nonmailing.

P-91-1489 _ Est of Caldwell; annual acct., order notice of hrng on 10/16/92 at 1:30 p.m.

P-91-1546 _ Est of Bench; order.

P-91-1656 _ Est of Shirley; order from OTC.

P-91-1750 _ Est of Hunt; order, petition.

P-91-1754 _ Est of Key; order.

P-92-25 _ Est of Thomas; order.

P-92-82 _ Est of Long; decree, order from OTC.

P-92-247 _ Est of Boardman; order, order notice of hrng on 10/6/92 at 9:00 a.m., return of sale.

P-92-434 _ Est of Blair; order, affi of mailing.

P-92-499 _ Est of Adams; order, final acct., claim.

P-92-547 _ Est of Magnuson; decree.

P-92-550 _ Est of Hunsaker; report, order, receipt (3), final dischg.

P-92-554 _ Est of Millikan; annual acct. (2).

P-92-605 _ Est of Jones; proof of claim.

P-92-617 _ Est of Naifeh; order.

P-92-681 _ Est of Lawrence; order from OTC. …

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