Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 166116-T

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Kaiser-Francis Oil Company. Relief Sought: Increased Density. Legal Description: Section 28, Township 11 North, Range 7 West, Canadian County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Canadian County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Administrator of Veterans Affairs; Alexander, Aubrey F. and Juanita Alexander; Alexander Energy Corporation; Allen, Paul D. and Rhonda R. Allen; Anderson, Emery A. and Elizabeth D. Anderson; Appleton, Arthur I., d/b/a Appleton Oil Co.; Archdiocese of Oklahoma City for the use of St. Joseph Church in Union City; Armstrong, Thelma; Ary, Autalee and Edward Ary; Associates Financial Services Company; Associates Financial Services Company; Bank of Union City; Barron, Irene Ann; Biehler II, Charles Leroy; Biehler, Roy; Bilinda Petroleum Corp.; Boever, Roger D.; Boevers, Clifford; Boevers, Donald; Boevers, Kate; Boevers, Kenneth L. and Elizabeth Boevers; Boevers, Stella Mae; Bosler, Viola Lee; Bradmar Petroleum Corp.; Bright, Davilla; Bright, Gertrude; Bristol Resources Corp.; Bromlow, Clifford L. and Odessa L. Bromlow; Bromlow, Jerry L.; Bryant, Lewis A. and Teresa A. Bryant; Chevron USA, Inc.; Chiles, William Chester and Violet Chiles; Continental Telephone Co. of Oklahoma, formerly Union Telephone Company; Cookey, Dorthea; Cox, Magdalena; Crest Resources, Inc.; Davis, Carl Dean and Betty Jo Davis; Dawson, Michael and Sharon Kay Dawson; Delhi Gas Pipeline, Inc.; Dempsey, Terry J. and Lanita C. Dempsey; Divacky, Lillian B.; Diverse Energy Investments, Inc.; Dries, Charles William; Dries III, Fred Joe; Eden, Le Voy, Richard Eden and Carla Eden; Edgmon, Hulit and M. Louis Edgmon; Estes, Willie Margaret; Evans, Gregory J. and Alma Norene Evans; Fagg, Marilyn Marie; Fedderson, Harold L. Tamra S.; Fedderson, Olga, June Ninman, Viola Bosler, Randal M. Boevers, Keith A. Boevers, Sheri L. Boevers Maples and Lori A. Boevers c/

o Roger D. Boevers; First United Methodist Church; France, Elsie A.; Francis, Delois; Funderburk, George L. Zona; Garner, Wayne and Linda Garner; Gatz, Letha J.; Gilleran, Mary Ann; Gregory, Corine; Hallwood Energy Companies; Hays, Kay; Healey, Ralph E. Jolean; Hef-lin Energy Corporation; Heilbronner, Mary A., Viola Schimmel Eileen Carel; Heitzman, Laura; Helt, Robert E. Shirley Ann; Herrmann, Richard M. and Vickie Herrmann; Hons, George C. Vitalis; Hottel, David Lee; Ketter, Joe G. and Anna M. Ketter; Ketter, Steve; King, John A.; Klepper, Annabelle and Delmar C. Klepper; Kuchta, Leo and Allie Kuchta; Lagaly, Wanda F. Watt and Albert C. Lagaly; Lange, Carol; Lewman, Gary Carolyn; Lopez, Judith Jane; Mackellar Drilling; Magnum Producing Operating Co.; Maples, Terry S. and Tamara Ann Brothers; Marathon Oil Company; McDaniel, Elvin C. and Vivian M. McDaniel; Menz, Lloyd and Nancy Menz; Menz, Viola M.; Methodist Episcopal Church; Michalicka, Aloisia E. Joseph A. Michalicka; Michalicka, Joseph A.; Miller, Robert O., Pauline F. Miller Jamie R. Miller; Millington, David I.; Mitchell, Ernie W. and Brenda Mitchell; Mitchell, Ernie W. and Azona Mitchell; Mitchell, Leland B. and Jequita M. Mitchell; Mitchell, Lonnie D. and Sharon A. Mitchell; Mitchell, O.F. Vallie; Modenbach, Ethel; Morrison, Donald Earl, a/k/a Donald E. …

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