Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

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FILED 1/28/93

P-79-630 _ Est of Fried; publi affi.

P-86-2084 _ Gdnsh of Cranmore; order, notice, annual report.

P-87-757 _ Est of Gritts; applic, gnd"s report.

P-87-1273 _ Cons. of Christon; plan for care.

P-88-1045 _ Est of Shirley; receipt (6).

P-89-1030 _ Est of West; order, report, applic.

P-89-1078 _ Est of Lord in re; publi affi.

P-89-1791 _ Est of Sullivan; order, applic.

P-90-142 _ Est of Rush; motion.

P-90-638 _ Est of Long; affi of mailing (2).

P-90-820 _ Est of Jones; receipt.

P-90_1475 _ Est of House; order notice of hrng on 2/19/93 at 9:00 a.m.

P-91-271 _ Est of Weinstein; order.

P-91-1947 _ Est of Kneeland; order (2).

P-92-78 _ Est of Hightower; final acct., petition.

P-92-146 _ Est of Rector; publi affi.

P-92-336 _ Est of Wyatt; order.

P-92-489 _ Est of Doty; order, inventory apprmt., applic.

P-92-537 _ Est of Hines et al; assignment of interest (10).

P-92-580 _ Est of Avers; final acct., petition.d

P-92-727 _ Est of Wyrick; final dischg., receipt (3).

P-92-817 _ Est of Hanskey; publi affi.

P-92-819 _ Est of Wright; order from OTC.

P-92-914 _ Est of Jones; motion.

P-92-917 _ Est of Carter; applic, waiver, order.

P-92-953 _ Est of Moore; publi affi.

P-92-987 _ Est of Roberts; publi affi.

P-92-1035 _ Est of Moore; petition.

P-92-1108 _ Est of Titus; return of sale, affi of mailing, order notice of hrng on 2/10/93 at 1:30 p.m.

P-92-1111 _ Est of Bumpass; receipt (3).

P-92-1138 _ Est of Curtis, Sr.; notice of sale, proof of mailing.

P-92-1144 _ Est of Holmes et al; amd to gen inventory apprmt., order from OTC.

P-92-1158 _ Est of Latham; order from OTC.

P-92-1216 _ Est of Gentry; proof of mailing.

P-92-1247 _ Est of Myrick; order notice of hrng on 2/24/93 at 8:30 a.m., order from OTC, motion.

P-92-1251 _ Est of Maple; final acct., petition, order notice of hrng on 2/23/93 at 8:30 a.m., affi of mailing, order, applic.

P-92-1259 _ Est of Rabun; claim (2).

P-91-1265 _ Est of Clark; publi affi.

P-92-1297 _ Est of Balty; publi affi. …

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