Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 930 166773 T

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Medallion Production Company. Relief Sought: Increased Density. Legal Description: Section 35, Township 28 North, Range 25 West, Harper County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Harper County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Allen, James Lloyd and Violet I. Allen; Amoco Production Company; Amoco Production Company; Aquila Energy Resources Corp.; Arco Oil Gas Company; Arco Oil Gas Company; Atlantic Richfield Company; Atlantic Richfield Company; Baker, Everett; Baker, Jerome Everett; Bank IV Wichita NA Under Trust Agreement dated 12-15-69; Baxter, Kelly H.; Baxter, Kelly M.; Belford, Thomas M. Estate; Bell, Vonna; Bell, Vonna; Benkert, Louise Woods; Bradley Nominee Corporation; BRG Petroleum, Inc.; Brubnjak, Audrey Edmonds; Cathcart, Trenna D.; Cecil Jobe, Inc.; Charley A. Stinson Estate, Nellie Templin and Patricia C. Haxton, Co-Personal Representatives; Collopy, P.J.; Cory, Kenneth W.; Cory, Kenneth W.; Cox, Tammy; Cox, Thea D.; Cox, Thomas; Davis, Carol V. and Kenneth R. Davis; Davis, Leonard; Doolin, John B.; Elinor Pryor Tracy Estate; Elman, Sally; Enron Producing Company; Esrig, Sheldon; Findley, Roma Gayle Edmonds; Fowler, Norma Tatro; Freedland, Aleen Iing; Freeman, Carl G.; Freeman, Carl G., Trustee of the Carl G. Freeman Trust No. 1 dated 12-1-90; Futterman, Joel D.; Futterman, Ronald L.; Futterman, Valerie; Gore, Amy W.; Grace Petroleum Corporation; Hester, E.S.; J. Brex Company; Kaiser-Francis Oil Company; King, Gene Dwight; Landers, J.B., Jr. Testamentary Trust, Team Bank, Trustee; Landers, J.B. Trust, Team Bank, Trustee; Lindley, Lucia Woods; Mack, Timothy D.; McCoy, Jay Dean; McCoy, Mary Helen; Mendoza, Bette M.; Peterson, Shirley W.; Phillips Petroleum Company; Phillips Petroleum Company; Phillips Petroleum Company; Pryor, Thomas R. and Susan S. Pryor; Pugh, Sarita; Pugh, Sarita M.; Rankin, Marjorie Edmonds; Reed, Troy V.; Roca Resource Company, Inc.; Sahara Development Company, Inc.; Samson Resources Company; Sax, Jerry; Shaffer, Bonnie; Shawver, Jerry E., deceased and Martha Shawver, deceased, c/o John C. Shawver; Shawver, John C.; Smithton, Thelma and Floyd; Springston, Adelaide Alexander, Trustee of the Adelaide Alexander Springston Trust; Stein, Lawrence E.; Stella C. Pryor Trust, Thomas R. Pryor and Sue Pryor, Trustees; Stevens, Laverna; Stinson, Avery G., Jr.; Stinson, Michael T.; Stinson, Myrtle C.; Symes, Donna; Templin, Nellie A.; The First National Bank of Amarillo, Trustee for John L. Hannon and Dorothy C. Hannon; The John F. Vallentine and Bonnie B. Vallentine Family Trust dated 7-18-84; Tracy, Kirk and Mary Rhoda, Co-Trustees of the Kirk and Mary Rhoda Tracy Trust; Vallentine, John Franklin and Carol Ruth Davis, Co-Trustees of the Venna W. Vallentine Revocable Trust dated 9-25-89; Vallentine, Venna W., Trustee of the Venna W. Vallentine Revocable Trust; Walcher, Arliss; Walcher, Arliss Bonnie Shaffer, Successor Co-Trustees of the Mary Herman Family Trust dated 9-28-83; Wilmot, Genevieve W. …

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