Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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CS-92-5410 _ Guaranty Bank Trust Co Vs. Jeffries Richard Aka Richard A Answer To Garnishment/

sent 122.33.

CS-92-5412 _ Tulsa Adjustment Bureau Inc Vs. Reece William Gaylon Brief In Support Of Motion For Summary Judgment.

CS-92-5442 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Lee Carole Journal Entry Of Judgment/howard R:1431 F:4105.

CS-92-5454 _ Butler Paper Company A Delawar Vs. Stills Don An Individual D/b/a Affidavit In Supp Of Claim For Exempt Of Wages.

CS-92-5493 _ Bank Of Oklahoma N A Vs. Craig Earl Sam And Craig Shery Ord Garnishment Discharged R: F:.

CS-92-5497 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Depar Vs. Five Hundred Sixty Dollars And Order Of Forfeiture/

howard R:1431 F:2332.

CS-92-5542 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Cuccaro Richard And Merry J Cu Answer To Garnishment/270.25.

CS-92-5568 _ National Check Cashers Corp Vs. Elliot Rebecca A Answer To Garnishment/nothing Witheld Due To.

CS-92-5997 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Hass Dan J Notice Of Change Of Address.

CS-92-6012 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Christian Whitney Voluntary Petition.

CS-92-6265 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Stennett Terrence Answer To Garnishment/nothing Has Been Withheld.

CS-92-6375 _ Equine Medical Associates Inc Vs. Watson Sandy Journal Entry/humble R:1431 F:4106.

CS-92-6566 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel State Vs. Joyner Tamara Journal Entry Of Judgment/humble R:1431 F:2334.

CS-92-6578 _ Central Sales Promotions Vs. Poole Bob Dba Sign Design Order/humble R:1431 F:4107.

CS-92-6767 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Anderson Darla J Et Al Journal Entry/howard R:1431 F:4109.

CS-92-6770 _ Dulaney Johnston And Priest A Vs. Lee Richard An Individual Dba Pltf's Brief In Support Of Mot For Imposition.

CS-92-6780 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Doonkeen Marshal Agreed Journal Entry Of Judment R:1431 F:4110.

CS-92-6855 _ Capital City Distribution Vs. Bates Bill D/b/a New World Boo Dismissal W/prejudice R: F:.

CS-92-6889 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel State Vs. Rojas Victor G Journal Entry Of Judgment/gray R:1431 F:2336. …

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