Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Bricktown Plan Starts with Rezoning Effort

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Bricktown Plan Starts with Rezoning Effort

Article excerpt

By Betty Jane Harvey

Journal Record Staff Reporter

Implementation of a five-year development guide for Bricktown is beginning with proposed rezoning for the area and improvements in the street scape.

Rezoning proposals that are to be set for a public hearing April 22 were recommended by the Bricktown Plan, a five-year plan adopted in February 1992 by the Oklahoma City Planning Commission.

"The Bricktown Plan recommended a formal rezoning. There have been property owners in the area who have been in need of rezoning, and they have to initiate that rezoning to start up the process. There are citizens out there looking for it. We know there is a lot of support out there," said Larry Hopper, associate planner for the City of Oklahoma City.

Two items on the planning commission agenda Thursday are to set a public hearing April 22 for rezoning of two areas in Bricktown. No action will be taken at the commission's regular meeting on Thursday.

"The purpose of it is to assist and implement the Bricktown Plan that was done in cooperation with the city and Bricktown property owners. Once again, the purpose of the rezoning is to implement the plans," said H.D. Heiser, Oklahoma City planning director.

"Zoning is just one of a number of ways to implement the plan. As you probably know, part of the plan is to design guidelines that are tied in with the zoning ordinance to provide some guidance and control of how the area will be developed, and what it won't look like.

"For example, adult entertainment is not permitted in the area. That again fits in with trying to provide some kind of control to have a quality developed area."

The Bricktown Plan 1991-1996 was adopted by the board Feb. 13, 1992, after a one-and-a-half year study of the area. The final copy of the guide was presented to the commission in September 1992. The Urban Development Committee of the planning commission was involved in the construction of the plan.

One ordinance would establish the Bricktown Core zoning classification to cover about six square blocks. It would include rezoning a portion of the Bricktown area to the Bricktown Core classification. It would also establish sign regulations for the core and Bricktown Transitional zoning classifications.

The properties in the rezoning application are currently zoned I-3 heavy industrial, I-2 moderate industrial or C-CBD central business district. The industrial zoning "severely" restricts the types of uses that are allowed, and the C-CBD is not designed specifically for warehouse areas that are undergoing revitalization.

"The goal of this district is to allow for a wide mix of uses in a warehouse adaptation district and to preserve or enhance existing building facades," according to the planning commission agenda.

The ordinance draft would permit the commercial uses of the C-3 commercial district and less offensive industrial and transportation use units. This would be an increase in the number of commercial uses presently permitted in the I-3 zoned area.

A design review committee would be established and comprised of two planning commissioners, an architect and two people representing Bricktown.

A Bricktown Transitional Development District zoning classification would be established under the second ordinance. The ordinance would include the rezoning of a portion of Bricktown, about 10 square blocks, to the BT Bricktown Transitional classification. …

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