Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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CS-92-469 _ Aic Financial Services Inc Vs. Smiley Durwin Answer To Garnishment/not Eligible For Garnish.

CS-92-897 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. James Diane L Answer To Garnishment/prior Garnishment.

CS-92-1147 _ Shirleys J And B Supply Inc Vs. Niles Brent Aka Dba Order To Pay Money Out Of Court/

humble/court Clerk.

CS-92-1196 _ Continental Casualty Company Vs. Turco Chuck Dba Answer To Garnishment/sent 1745.98.

CS-92-1319 _ General Motors Acceptance Corp Vs. Briggs James P Et Al Answer To Garnishment/did Not Earn Enough To Have.

CS-92-1397 _ St Anthony Hospital Vs. Parker Steven Answer To Garnishment/prior Garnishment.

CS-92-1400 _ St Anthony Hospital Vs. Hinton Sandra S Answer To Garnishment/sent 59.98.

CS-92-1664 _ Carr Bridget Larene Vs. Carr Nathaniel Answer To Garnishment/sick Leave.

CS-92-1871 _ Stores Protective Services Inc Vs. Jerald Tina Answer To Garnishment/sent 44.85.

CS-92-2231 _ Cullen Renee Colbert Dba Colbe Vs. Quinn Pamela J Claim For Exemption -Set For Hearing.

CS-92-2821 _ Sears Roebuck And Company Vs. Gray Ivan Lee Order Compelling Answers To Discovery Requests/.

CS-92-2852 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Muirhead Richard And Rhonda Mu Answer To Garnishment/sent 25.81.

CS-92-3074 _ United Guaranty Residential Vs. Beckham Lester L Answer To Garnishment/sent 140.71.

CS-92-3223 _ Greenwood Trust Company Vs. Marks Emmitt Answer To Garnishment/sent 109.25.

CS-92-3415 _ Credit Collection Inc Vs. Higgins William And Tambra Answer To Garnishment/see Answer.

CS-92-3465 _ Account Specialists Inc Vs. Rucker Carlton Earl Answer To Garnishment/sent 113.36.

CS-92-3502 _ Dpw Employees Credit Union Vs. Claxton Kelli Denver Answer To Garnishment/duplicate Garnishment.

CS-92-3541 _ American Collection Service Vs. Pentecost Betty Answer To Garnishment/sent 84.33.

CS-92-3541 _ American Collection Service Vs. Pentecost Betty Answer To Garnishment/sent 45.59.

CS-92-3627 _ Account Specialists Inc Vs. Sampson Randy And Sherri Answer To Garnishment/blank.

CS-92-3669 _ St Anthony Hospital Vs. Sakil David Et Al Answer To Garnishment/sent 98.27.

CS-92-3774 _ Mefferd Robert L Vs. Afshari Mohammad Ali Answer To Garnishment/-0-.

CS-92-3957 _ Stores Protective Services Inc Vs. Glover-johnson Elizabeth Kim Answer To Garnishment/sent 110.58.

CS-92-4109 _ Hca Health Services Of Oklahom Vs. Agnew Chris Answer To Garnishment/-0-.

CS-92-4222 _ Yarberry C B An Individual Dba Vs. Jones Charles P Answer To Garnishment/sent 36.48.

CS-92-4364 _ Account Specialists Inc Vs. Winter David Et Al Claim For Exemption -Set For Hearing.

CS-92-4468 _ Century Discount Inc Vs. Walter Carrie F Answer To Garnishment/sent 10.00.

CS-92-4498 _ City Finance Company Of Oklaho Vs. Woods Tammy Answer To Garnishment/no Such Df Has Been.

CS-92-4913 _ Southwest Medical Center Inc Vs. …

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