Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 930 168204

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Cross Timbers Operating Company. Relief Requested: Drilling and spacing units. Legal Description: Section 20, Township 21 North, Range 13 West, Major County, Oklahoma.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Applicant in this cause is requesting that the Commission establish spacing in Section 20, Township 21 North, Range 13 West, Major County, Oklahoma, and that the owners to be notified are as follows: Unit Four Partnership; Charles Robert Cooper; U.I. Smith Revocable Trust, Charles L. Smith, Trustee; John R. Warren Revocable Trust; Taylor Dunaway; The Moran Partnership; Bernice V. Markland; Ajax Investment Company; Myrtle M. Austin; Ethel B. Larson Rev. Trust, Kent E., Cynthia D., Timothy C. Larson, Trustees; Jordan C. Braun; Vera L. Burrell; Charles B. Johnson; Anna M. Davison Trust, Samuel S. Lyle R. Davison, Co-Trustees; Lyda Junt-Margaret Hunt Trusts; Douglas L. Champlin; H.H. Champlin; Frances H.C. Canlis; Claude H. Cummings, Jr.; Betty Ruth Daniel; Larry G. Davison; Marinell Kerr Guild; Roger S. Folsom; Steven T. Garner, Trustee; James R. Groves; Marilyn Guild; Cirrus Production Company; Frances Lenora Hammack; Julianne Smith; John Leslie Howell; Rilla Ramirez; Linda Baker; Agnes M. Howell; Mrs. H.L. Hunt a/k/a Ruth Ray Hunt; Hunt Oil Company; Kelvin K. Larson; Lawrence K. Larson, Frederick A. Larson and Lance V. Larson, Joint Tenants; Miles Blackwell Larson Trust dated 2/2/90, Miles B. Larson, Trustee; Liddell Family Trust, Charles J. Liddell, Jr. and/or Mary Agnes Liddell, Co-Trustees; Olga Martens Life Estate, Therrel Lynn Martens Gevona Lee Wahl, Remaindermen; Therrel L. Martens; Cannon B. McMahan; Joanna M. Champlin Revoc. Trust, Joanna M. Champlin, D.L. Champlin N.D. Cox; Charlyn K. Parker; Rena P. Parkins Life Estate; Dennis Parr; Norvin Parr; Ila L. Plank; Charles G. Price; Reedy Lem Revocable Trust, Harold J. Reedy, Trustee; H.B. Sears Estate, By Joe M. Sears, Trustee; H.L. Xhaefer; Joe Dan Trigg, Trustee; Iona Mae Troxell; Universal Resources Corp.; Minerals Management Serv. …

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