Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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CJ-93-3370 _ Blagg Beverly Vs. Schleenbaker Joyce Et Al Je Of Judg/jackson R:1473 F:938.

CJ-93-3394 _ Local Federal Bank Fsb Fka Vs. Calvery Philip Gene Et Al Entry Of Appearance Reservation Of Time To Plead.

CJ-93-3397 _ Holt Dennis And Holt Tonya Vs. C L Boyd Company Inc Dba Clare Deft John Deere Co's First Set Of Interrog To Pltf.

CJ-93-3594 _ Staton Donald Keith Vs. Miller Amy Denise Et Al Answer To X Claim Of Farmers Ins. R: F:.

CJ-93-3597 _ Taylor Amanda Vs. Blackwell Joe Offer To Confess Judgment.

CJ-93-3602 _ Gentry Errol Vs. Yucatan Oklahoma City Dba Yuca Order/motion To Quash As It Relates To Service Of.

CJ-93-3626 _ Feuquay Elevator Company A Cor Vs. Southwest Terminal Elevator Co Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-3636 _ Hill Brenda Et Al Vs. Meyer Christopher J Et Al Entry Of Appearance R: F:.

CJ-93-3641 _ Bankers Trust Company Of Calif Vs. Smiley Walter J Et Al Affidavit As To Military Service.

CJ-93-3723 _ Hill David Stanley II Vs. Stevenson Seth Aaron Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-3753 _ Gatesway Foundation Inc Kibois Vs. State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Depar Order/grted Lv To Ans /

Or Plead/jackson.

CJ-93-3777 _ Cantrell Kenneth W Et Al Vs. Pekara Emily Jo Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-3899 _ Winters Kenneth Vs. Blockbuster Video Inc Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-3969 _ Hall Darla R Vs. Neighbors Frederick E Dismissal W/ prejudice R: F:.

CJ-93-4004 _ Simms George A And Simms Joyce Vs. Keylon Mary Radine Executrix O Je Of Judg Agst Mary Radine Keylon, Executrix Of.

CJ-93-4009 _ Zellner Betty L Vs. Hca Health Services Of Oklahom Hca Health Service Of Ok, inc. Dba Presbyterian Hos.

CJ-93-4009 _ Zellner Betty L Vs. Hca Health Services Of Oklahom Hca Health Services Of Ok, inc. Dba Presbyterian.

CJ-93-4017 _ Federal National Mortgage Vs. Nematollahzadeh Ali Mohammad Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-4117 _ Reddout Randall Vs. Normac Foods Inc Entry Of Appearance.

CJ-93-4119 _ Curtis Stacia D Vs. Kirkham Bill Dba Lube America Answer R: F:.

CJ-93-4158 _ Equtiy Fire Casualty Co Vs. …

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