Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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CS-91-5907 _ Credit Services Inc A Corporat Vs. Wade James And David Wade Answer To Garnishment/terminated 6/22/93.

CS-91-5994 _ Laird Troy Vs. General Motors Corp Et Al Order/judge Lee R West R:1474 F:1248.

CS-91-6347 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Connelly Warren Paul Answer To Garnishment/sent 200.00.

CS-92-78 _ Hca Health Services Of Oklahom Vs. Huseman Steve R Et Al Answer To Garnishment/sent 10.00.

CS-92-825 _ Credit Collections Inc Vs. Huerta Manuel R Et Al Answer To Garnishment/sent 90.25.

CS-92-1664 _ Carr Bridget Larene Vs. Carr Nathaniel Answer To Garnishment/employee No Longer With Us.

CS-92-1830 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Fields Harvey G Answer To Garnishment/sent 172.56.

CS-92-2715 _ Credit Collection Inc Vs. Booth Jeffrey E Dismissal W/prejudice R: F:.

CS-92-2852 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Muirhead Richard And Rhonda Mu Answer To Garnishment/-0-.

CS-92-3064 _ Mcdow Claude Vs. Vanwinkle Margie Pltf's Response To Df's Amended Counterclaim.

CS-92-3074 _ United Guaranty Residential Vs. Beckham Lester L Answer To Garnishment/sent 160.95.

CS-92-3312 _ Ford Motor Credit Company Vs. Tice Stephanine Agreed Journal Entry Of Judgment Court Ordered.

CS-92-3541 _ American Collection Service Vs. Pentecost Betty Answer To Garnishment/sent 71.89.

CS-92-3619 _ St Anthony Hospital Vs. Finley Jacalyn D Answer To Garnishment/sent 164.92.

CS-92-3631 _ Horton Insurance Agency Inc Vs. Tropical Pools Inc Answer Of Douglas E. Aderhold And Susan N.

CS-92-3631 _ Horton Insurance Agency Inc Vs. Tropical Pools Inc Answer R: F:.

CS-92-3654 _ Credit Collections Inc Vs. Azlin Jennifer Dismissal W/o Prejudice R: F:.

CS-92-3756 _ Itt Financial Service Vs. Woodfork Ted A And Lutricia Journal Entry Of Judgment/gray R:1474 F:156.

CS-92-3798 _ Community Bank And Trust Co Vs. Barger Frank And Eddie Ann Notice Of Hearing/set 8/

6/93 At 10:30 Gorelick.

CS-92-4222 _ Yarberry C B An Individual Dba Vs. Jones Charles P Answer To Garnishment/sent 114.51.

CS-92-4342 _ R D Financial Services Inc Vs. Willbanks Michael And Phillips Answer To Garnishment/sent 85.52.

CS-92-4924 _ Credit Collections Inc Vs. Castellano Julie Dismissal W/prejudice R: F:.

CS-92-4939 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Johnson Charmetra Aka Answer To Garnishment/see Answer.

CS-92-5116 _ Guardian Midtown Funeral Home Vs. Henderson Cliff Judgment/gray R:1474 F:1253.

CS-92-5325 _ Windle Kenneth M Vs. Brewer Beverly V Dismissal W/ prejudice R: F:.

CS-92-5451 _ Walker And Walker Inc D/b/a Wa Vs. Double Eagle Petroleum Corp Release Satisfaction Of Judgment R: F:.

CS-92-5486 _ The Citizens Bank Of Edmond Vs. Erwin Michael Dean Et Al Suggestion Of Bankruptcy.

CS-92-5489 _ Account Specialists Inc Vs. Lone Jerry Et Al Amended Journal Entry Of Default Judgment/


CS-92-5644 _ Montgomery Ward Credit Corp Vs. …

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