Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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Received 8-26-93

NA _ Information Not Available


B O Drilling Exploration, Karol 2, 22-8N-22W, NE SW NE SW, 1920fsl-1785fwl.


J-Brex Company, Laubhan 81-8, 8-17N-26W, E W SE SE, 660fsl-1940fwl, Douglas 7200, TD 8002, El. 2426, Surface Casing Depth: 826 in place, Date Oper. to Begin: August 9, 1993.


Chesapeake Operating, Inc., Sparks 1-34, 34-5N-5W, N S SW, 510fsl-660fwl, Viola 13060, TD 13600, El. 1054, Surface Casing Depth: 1000, Date Oper. to Begin: 8-23-93.

Hadson Energy Resources Corporation, Braum 2-8, 8-10N-6W, E W NW, 1320fsl-1282fwl, Mississippian 9620, TD 10375, El. 1228, Surface Casing Depth: 850, Date Oper. to Begin: 8-25-93.


I-Mac PEtroleum Service, Inc., W.B.W. 1-13, 13-15N-16E, NE SW SW NE, 495fsl-560fwl, Arbuckle 2075, TD 2100, El. 544, Surface Casing Depth: 450, Date Oper. to Begin: ASAP.


OEXCO Inc., Jones 30 D-4, 30-13N-1W, W SW SE SE, 680fsl-1640fwl, Hunton 5970, TD 6200, El. 1187, Surface Casing Depth: 760, Date Oper. to Begin: 9-7-93.


Yale Oil Association, State 1-33, 33-20N-2E, N N NW, 2280fsl-1980fwl, Mississippi Limestone 4500, TD 4700, El. 965, Surface Casing Depth: 375, Date Oper. to Begin: 8-93.


Eberly and Meade, Inc., Gladys Vaughn 4-18, 18-06N-17E, CSW SW, 660fsl-660fwl, Hartshorne 2400, TD 3000, El. 606, Surface Casing Depth: 400, Date Oper. to Begin: August 15, 1993.

Bowen Oil Gas Company, Allford 3-30, 30-7N-14E, C N Se, 1980fsl-1320fwl, Hartshorne 2305, TD 2525, Surface Casing Depth: 350, Date Oper. to Begin: 8-24-93.

John C. Oxley d/b/a Oxley Petroleum, Reasnor 4, 23-8N-17E, N N N SW, 2400fsl-1320fwl, Hartshorne 2150, TD 2300, El. 617.5, Surface Casing Depth: 500, Date Oper. to Begin: Upon Approval.

Barrett Resources Corporation, Rosso 2, 5-3N-16E, NE NE SW NW, 1140fsl-1100fwl, Overthrusted Atoka 6500, TD 7100, El. 708, Surface Casing Depth: 1400, Date Oper. to Begin: ASAP.

Kerr-McGee Corporation, Roberts 3, 26-8N-17E, SE SE NW SE, 1520fsl-1296fwl, Hartshorne 2500, TD 3500, El. 839, Surface Casing Depth: 650, Date Oper. …

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