Corporation Commission

Article excerpt



Cause CD No. 930 169188

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Marathon Oil Company. Relief Sought: Drilling and Spacing Units. Legal Description: Section 23, Township 1 North, Range 7 West, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To All Persons, Owners, Producers, Operators, Purchasers and Takers of oil and gas, and all other interested persons particularly in Stephens County, Oklahoma, and more particularly: Greenbrier 69 Limited, a Texas Limited Partnership, Mary B. Hurst, Jack B. Smith Mary Lois Smith, Trustees of the Smith Trust, Ernest B. Alexander, Patty Barnes Woolf c/o Jewell E. Barnes, Patty Barnes Woolf c/o Jewell E. Barnes, Jacqueline Booker, John C. Alexander, David C. Dutcher, John C. Barnard, Donald C. Slawson, Charles D. Patterson Dorothy Patterson, Dennis Dilday, Wanda Dunn, Jay Dutcher, Jewell E. Barnes, Laurence E. Patterson Pansy L. Patterson, Howard E. Wininger, Ivy E. McBride c/o Charles A. Patterson, Thomas E. McBride c/o Charles A. Patterson, Mack Energy Company, Slawson Exploration Company, Inc., Arkla Exploration Corporation, Optometric Extension Program Foundation, Inc., Margaret F. Murray, Trustee of the Margaret F. Murray Trust, Ada F. Alexander, as Trustee of the Ada F. Alexander Revocable Trust U/T/D 12-18-84, Irvilene Fay Wininger c/o Howard E. Wininger, Dorothy Frances Willard, Albert G. Tindall, Robert G. Hunt, Kathleen G. Ott, Sue Haver, The Home-Stake Royalty Company, The Home-Stake Oil and Gas Company, Eugenia Humphreys, Harriet Hunt Funnell, as Trustee U/T/A dated 3-21-85, Dianne Hunter Elbert Hunter, Dianne Hunter, Merrick, Inc., Enerlex, Inc., Loma, Inc., Jagee-Petro, Inc., Lanroy, Inc., Cleroy, Inc., Petroleum, Inc., Leo J. Howell Loretta Howell, Edward J. McBride c/o Charles A. Patterson, Ona Jo Smith, formerly Wood, Bettie Jo O'Neal, Buddy Joe Alexander, Suzanne Johnston c/o Dianne Hunter, Beachstone Joint Venture, Ltd., Hargar June Hopper c/o Howard E. Wininger, H.B. Key, a/k/a Hugh B. Key, Lawrence L. Humphreys, Jr., J.E. Langston, Ann Laree Humphreys Radcliffe, Geraldine Larson, Sarah Lorene White Angle, Deceased, Sarah Lorraine Parker c/o Alfred G. Mortmore, Beverly Lou Moody, Carrie Lou Booker, E. Louise McBride, A.G. Lucas, James Lynn Henson, Beverly M. Booker, Dr. Mary Jane Skeffington, Herbert E. Barnard, Barbara D. McCoy, as Trustees of the Marital Trust created under Article fifth of Last Will Testament of Arthur Marten Skeffington, c/o Debois, Peck Sherrill, J.R. McGinley, Jr., P.A. McGinley, Headington Minerals, Inc., Martha Nance Kanowsky c/o Hamon Operating Company, Georgeanne Nilsen, Trustee U/T/

A dated 6-16-88, Charles A. Patterson, William O. Leach Family Trust dated 1-29-90, Bank of Oklahoma, Inc., Trustee of Trust dated 1-6-69 FBO Laura Owens Bennett, Merco of Oklahoma, Bank of Oklahoma, Inc., Trustee of Trust dated 11-7-75 FBO Laura Owens Bennett, Mack Oil Company, Salgo Oil Partnership, Kaiser-Francis Oil Company, Wood Oil Company, Hamon Operating Company, Bond Operating Company, Vintage/P Acquisition Limited Partnership, Joe P. Gill, Frank Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Fred Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Henry Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Walter Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Ison Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Emmer Parker c/o Charles A. Patterson, Virginia Patterson Paine, Frank Patterson c/o Charles A. Patterson, Arba Patterson, Tom Percifield c/o Charles A. Patterson, George Percifield c/o Charles A. …


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