Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 930 170444

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Mewbourne Oil Company. Relief Sought: Increased Well Density. Land Covered: Section 20, Township 20 North, Range 23 West, Ellis County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Ellis County, Oklahoma, and more particularly A K Investors Limited Partnership; Adobe Resources Corporation; Amax Oil Gas, Inc.; Anchor Bay Corporation; Ashley Investment Company; Barbara L. Nickols; Barta Industries, Inc.; Beverly J. Fallwell; Board of Trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Decatur; Broadhurst Royalty Limited Partnership No. 2; Cago, Inc.; Carlson Management Company; Charles D. Robinson; Colt Energy, Inc.; Copetco, Inc.; D.L. McNally Trust 040-077900; Dimple Brock Jones, Life Tenant; Don L. Morris; Maxine M. Morris; Donita Jepsen; Doretta Buscaino; Dorothy Brock Depriest; E.J. Webster; Eva C. Webster; E.V. Weaver; E.S. Johnson Family Trust (040-082900); E.F. Wroblewski; Edith Lois Rife; Elizabeth Ellen O'Hair; Enron Oil and Gas Company; Episcopal Royalty Company; Eve A. Rathfon Tenille; First Pinkston Limited Partnership; Fortress Fund 1991 VIII; Frank B. McNally Trust 040-079700; Frank B. McNally Trust 040-079800; GBK 1976, a Limited Partnership; GBK 1978, a Limited Partnership; Geraldine Camp Byars; Geraldine J. Hoyle; Gertrude Knowles; Elmer Frank Knowles; Glenna Sue Selfridge; Golden Trend Oil Company; Grace Pearl Thompson; Grace Wooley Gowan; Guy B. Kiker Company; H.R. Stroube, Jr.; H.R. Stroube Trust 040-064900; H.R. Stroube, Jr., Trust 040-037500; H.C. Hutchison, Jr.; Hezekiah Griffith; Al J. Hickerson; J. Stroube Trust 040-065000; J.E. Stroube Agency, Trust 040-082800; J.C. Woolley, Jr. Trust; Jack A. Stroube Trust 040-037600; James Paschal Brock, Jr.; James E. Andric, Thomas M. Andric and Patricia Jay Evans, Trustees of the Jean O. Andric Family Trust; Jean Pape Adams, Trustee of the Jean Pape Adams Living Trust, dated 6/14/91; Jobe, Inc.; John Murdy; John S. Orr; John Sober; June Sober; Johnnie Lou Dugger; Joseph R. Messenbaugh, III, M.D.; Joseph August Shepard; Joseph B. Rathfon, Trustee of the Rathfon Family Trust dated 12/14/

89; Juanita Irwin; Judy Sessions; Julie Ann Morse; Kaiser-Francis Oil Company; Karen Anne McClung Lanier; Karen Kiker; Katherine Woolley Redden; Kenneth Knox Woolley; Kent K. Bermingham; Lena M. Sessions; LeRoy B. Scott Trustee UA 3/7/74 FBO LeRoy B. Scott Revocable Trust; Lois H. Simon; Louise W. Kahn; M.O. Rife, III, as Trustee for M.O. Rife, III, Trust A; Maharger, Inc.; Margaret Dinsmore; David Dinsmore; Margaret Spang Collins Trust, Margaret Spang Collins, Trustee; Margaret Wooley Strong; Margaret C. Hirzel; Margo Lynn Blumenthal; Marguerite Kuhns Lovell; Marilyn Nadean McClung Hunter; Marvin Dinsmore; Mary Nell Bowser; Matson Royalty Company; Western Farmers Electric Cooperative; Middle Bay Oil Company, Inc.; Nancy A. Woolley Trust; OEHL, Incorporated; Paragon Resources, Inc.; Pasteque Corporation; Patricia J. Whitney; Patricia Pape Savage, Trustee of the Patricia P. Savage Living Trust; PDI, Inc.; Petro-Energy Exploration, Inc.; R.E. Rain, Jr.; Rampant E D, Inc.; Richard R. Schmaltz; Richard Hance Shepard, Jr. …


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