Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Firm Helps Make Best Use of Computers

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Firm Helps Make Best Use of Computers

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Not many people use an analogy of the automobile to help sell the computer. But R. Terrell Sanders, president of Preferred Resources Inc., 6700 N. Classen Blvd., has found that's the best way to explain his company's services.

Actually, Preferred Resources doesn't sell computers or any type of computer hardware or software, for that matter. All it does is ensure that client companies have the best use of their computer investment.

"The computer industry right now is like the automobile was when it first came out," Sanders said. "It started as a basic high-tech toy that later development into a necessity of life.

"When cars first came out consumers purchased tires, gas, oil, batteries, everything from the dealer because there was no support network set up for the cars. As the industry matured and cars became more complex, the dealer couldn't do it all. So, the after-market parts and service really began to take off.

"That's the way computers are today. When computers came out, you bought everything from the computer dealer. Now, you can't because computers are just too complex. One company or dealer can't do everything."

That's what led Sanders to start his company.

He worked with a major software company and realized that users were having problems. Many times consumers would contact either the computer or the software dealer seeking help, but would be informed that the problem was in somebody's product.

"That's why we don't sell anything," Sanders said. "All we do is provide a service to help our client make the best use of computers.

"If a client has two or three different types of computers, then buys software to hook them up in a local area network, there are going to be problems. The client has to go to all the service people for the different brands of computers and software and really work to get everything he wanted when the system was installed.

"We work with the client's existing hardware and software, putting it all together so it works properly."

Sanders started the company in July 1992. Since that time has developed a base of 75 clients and expects that to grow significantly the next few years.

"This industry, independent computer support companies, has literally exploded in the last few years," he said. "Since 1991 it has tripled in size, and by 1995 it'll triple again."

With this anticipated growth in the industry, Sanders said, he hopes to be able to capitalize with his experience.

"Within five years, I'd like to see this office as the headquarters for a chain or a franchise operation with offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix and Tulsa," he said. "I think that could be possible with all the growth that's coming our way.

"In fact, we are seriously considering an expansion into Tulsa. …

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