Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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FILED 1/28/94

P-93-1337 _ Est of McKee; order.

P-89-155 _ Gdnsh of Stinebeck; order.

P-94-99 _ Est of Cotton; will.

P-93-1276 _ Est of Sneed; petitioner"s motion.

P-88-1346 _ Est of Gilliam; publi affi.

P-90-2 _ Est of Caldwell; publi affi.

P-91-1203 _ Est of Gossard; publi affi.

P-92-381 _ Est of Church; publi affi.

P-92-1156 _ Est of Lacy, Jr.; publi affi.

P-93-192 _ Est of Lemon; publi affi.

P-93-392 _ Est of Olsen; publi affi.

P-93-1175 _ Est of Chappell; publi affi.

P-93-1311 _ Est of Heffner; publi affi.

P-93-1396 _ Est of Hines; publi affi.

P-94-7 _ Est of Weldon; publi affi.

P-94-57 _ Est of Bennett; publi affi.

P-94-58 _ Est of Sutton; publi affii.

P-94-61 _ Est of Perry; publi affi.

P-94-68 _ Est of Hill; publi affi.

P-94-82 _ Est of Spence; publi affi.

P-94-83 _ Est of Broils, Sr.; publi affi.

P-80-359 _ Est of Robberson; Boatmen"s objection to acct.

P-83-977 _ Est of Anderson; order, not. to cred., appli, gen inventory apprmt, affi of mailing, certif, waiver, oath.

P-88-922 _ Gdnsh of Ridner; applic.

P-88-1918 _ Est of Spiker; assn of heir, notice to creditiors, affi of mailing, order.

P-89-155 _ Gdnsh of Stinebeck; order.

P-89-1415 _ Gdnsh of Coats; pleadings.

P-90-55 _ Gdnsh of Flynn; annual report, notice, affi of mailing.

P-90-510 _ Est of Cannon; publi affi. (2).

P-90-979 _ Gdnsh of Bell; order.

P-91-47 _ Est of McCorkle; receipt (7).

P-91-1450 _ Est of Church, Jr.; not. to cred.

P-91-1821 _ Est of Marshall; applic, order nunc pro tunc.

P-92-394 _ Est of Kirkwood; receipt, distribution agreement, gen inventory apprmt.

P-92-402 _ Est of Sofronow; affi of mailing, order notice of hrng on 2/

10/94 at 1:30 p.m., order, return of sale.

P-92-890 _ Est of Crider; not. to cred.

P-92-917 _ Est of Carter; order from OTC.

P-92-1397 _ Est of Childers; claim.

P-92-1600 _ Est of Herd; order, oath.

P-92-1407 _ Est of Collins; applic, inventory, affi of mailing.

P-92-1600 _ Est of Herd; order, oath.

P-93-344 _ Est of Dresser; IRS tax closing ltr.

P-93-190 _ Est of Payne; entry of appearance, certif of mailing.

P-93-316 _ Est of Katigan; affi of mailing. …

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