Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 940 000695

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: H. P. Oil Gas Properties, Inc. Relief Sought: Pooling. Legal Description: Section 2, Township 5 South, Range 4 East, Marshall County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Marshall County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Adams Resources Exploration Corporation; Oleta Belanger; Barbara Bowden; Mary T. Boyce, successor Trustee of the Tom-Boy Trust; Betty Jane Galt Brown, c/o Earl A. Brown, Jr.; Sylvia Butler, c/o Donna Matthews; Centerre Trust Company of St. Louis, Successor Sole Trustee U/C of the Priscilla F. Bass Trust; Vinson Wilson Christy and Edward Theodore Tatman, Jr.; Edwin L. Cox, c/o JWK Minerals Management; Patricia Cleone Dalhem; Ed Douglass; M.W. Eddleman, Jr. and Ruth E. Eddleman, Trustees of the Gladys Mary Eddleman Trust; First Interstate Bank of Oklahoma, N.A. as Agent for Stone Production Company, a Limited Partnership; First Interstate Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., as Agent for McNeese Production Company, a Limited Partnership; First Interstate Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., as Agent for Berry Production Company, a Limited Partnership; Gloria Galt, c/o Earl A. Brown, Jr.; Christopher C. Gant; Jack D. Gant; Lilla Gant, as Testamentary Trustee for Christopher Gant, a minor under the Last Will and Testament of Walter H. Gant, deceased; Lilla Gant; Charles Hollis; C.F. Hudgins, or if deceased, the Estate of C.F. Hudgins, deceased, and all known and unknown heirs, legatees, devisees, and assigns Remainderman: W.J. Richardson, c/o Willie Pearl Sharp; JWK Minerals Management; Cynthia Kaye Lawrence, now Clifford; Jan Lawrence, now Clifford c/o Cynthia Kaye Lawrence; Marc C. Lawrence; Randal E. Lawrence; Marjorie Lynn; Ronald Gene Maples; Jewell Dean Marshall; Louise Franklin Metzger, a/k/a Louise Franklin Metzger and Virginia Schulterma Hair; Betty Jean Neighbors; P.C. Dings Trust c/o Earl A. Brown, Jr.; Albert E. Pevehouse; Albert E. Pevehouse, Trustee, of the Estate of William L. Pevehouse, a/k/a W.L. Pevehouse, deceased; D.L. Pevehouse, a/k/a Dossie L. Pevehouse; Darrell Pevehouse; Deuel G. Pevehouse; Howard W. Pevehouse; Larry Pevehouse; Orie F. Pevehouse; Patsy Pevehouse c/o Larry Pevehouse; Mary Elizabeth Reavis; Eugene L. Reid, as Guardian of the Estate of Verna Reid; Verna Reid; Wirt Rhea; Ray Richardson; Sarah Ann Lewis Shaw; H.A. Sherman, a/k/a Henry A. Sherman; Jack H. Smith; Charles H. Snodgrass; John F. Snodgrass; Wirtaine F. Sparks, c/o Betty Jean Neighbors; Robert J. Spring; Roger L. Spring; Jo Sue Starkweather; Allirose Patricia Galt Stephens, c/o Earl A. Brown, Jr.; Jack D. Wilkes, Trustee of the Sadie Wilkes Trust; Barbara Lou Winkler; William J. Winkler; Tommy Wood, c/o Donna Matthews; and Wendell Bruce Wood, c/o Donna Matthews.

To the following list of respondents, to each of them individually and to all known and unknown heirs, legatees, devisees and assigns: Cordella Mae Butler, c/o Donna Matthews; Timmy Butler, c/o Donna Matthews; Lillian C. Guillot, c/o M.W. Eddleman, Jr. …


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