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CS-93-7322 _ Land Surveying Specialist Inc. Vs. Horn Linda Dba National Guaran Answer Of Df Linda Horn R:1535 F:2188.

CS-93-7324 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Preble Larry Order To Amend Case Number On Mot For Default.

CS-93-7325 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Mcclendon David Order Appointing Process Server/wright R:1535.

CS-93-7327 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Lambert Bobby Wayne Et Al Dismissal W/prejudice R: F:.

CS-93-7386 _ Light J Ernest An Individual Vs. Lanmark Organization Inc A Tex Dismissal W/o Prejudice R: F:.

CS-93-7463 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Vancuren Jamie Answer To Garnishment/sent 105.52.

CS-93-7633 _ Ford Motor Credit Company Vs. Mercer Dennis And Et Al Journal Entry Of Judgment As To James J Brown.

CS-93-7664 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Shipp Charlotte Answer To Garnishment/sent 60.01.

CS-93-7719 _ State Insurance Fund A Departm Vs. Gmf Casewrok Inc A Corporation Order Of Continuance/

wright R:1535 F:3978.

CS-93-8632 _ Loftin Robert E D/b/a Loftin F Vs. Organ Randall Lloyd D/

b/a Mara Answer R: F:.

CS-93-8653 _ Oklahoma Tax Commission Vs. Carson Gary L Et Al Dismissal W/o Prejudice R: F:.

CS-93-8672 _ Arvine Pipe And Supply Company Vs. Bargo Engineering Inc Et Al Transfer Order/

gray R:1535 F:4011.

CS-93-8720 _ Friendly Bank Of Oklahoma City Vs. Phillips Joe E Aka Et Al Journal Entry Of Default Judgment Against Df.

CS-93-8725 _ Guinn Naomi As Guardian And Ne Vs. Board Of Trustees Of Independe Order Receipt/blevins R:1535 F:2225.

CS-93-8807 _ Lobel Financial Corporation Vs. Vardaman Ricky D Et Al Answer To Garnishment/sent 466.90.

CS-93-8814 _ Memorial Bank Vs. Wall Rodney H Statement Of Judgment R:1535 F:2227.

CS-94-33 _ Walenciak Paul Vs. Medice Larry Eugene Et Al Entry Of Appearance R: F:.

CS-94-72 _ Oklahoma State Regents For Hig Vs. Mccann Debra Entry Of Appearance R: F:.

CS-94-117 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Zamora Gregory Gene Answer R: F:.

CS-94-125 _ Comminity Bank And Trust Co Vs. …


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