Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

State Fairgrounds Ready for First Spring Excursion

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

State Fairgrounds Ready for First Spring Excursion

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By Darrell Morrow

Feature Editor

The skyline at the State Fair of Oklahoma has changed hour to hour this week as carnival rides large and small were erected for the first Oklahoma spring fair, or the Agricultural and Youth Expo, as it has been promoted.

"Last week we had some of the carnival rides lined up in the '89er ballpark adjacent to the highway in hopes that people would see it and question what's going on over there. Now, they are going up in the air and will have some lights on them at night like a beacon in the night," said Scott Munz, director of promotions for the fair.

The first State Fair of Oklahoma Spring Fair opens Friday to run through April 2 with the same style glitter, shows and concerts of the annual fall State Fair, except that it will be smaller. It also will run only nine days instead of the 17 days of the fall fair, Munz said.

The spring fair was planned to run 10 days, but was adjusted to nine this year to avoid a conflict with Easter, April 3. Future spring fairs are expected to run the full 10 days, Munz said.

People already have pointed out to the fair's management that the name Agricultural and Youth Expo is confusing and perhaps sends them the wrong message, Munz said.

"It has all the ingredients of the fall fair. It just is a little smaller and all of it is contained indoors. We have 35 of the top food vendors involved in the event.

"What we may have to do in the future is redirect our message, still use the agricultural and youth logo. It is our spring fair, and we call it the Agricultural and Youth Expo. All of the things that people enjoy in the fall are present here in the spring," Munz said.

"It is a spring fair, plain and simple."

Exhibits of the spring fair, Agricultural and Youth Expo, or whatever name is favored, will be focused on the youths of Oklahoma, their animal projects, their arts and crafts. That also is a major focus of the fall State Fair of Oklahoma. …

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