Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Trial Docket For 04/25/94.

Hon. Wendell I. Smith 09:00

FD-88-3628 _ Bensinger Karen Sue Vs. Bensinger Frederick Leon Jr Mtm Custody Trial.

FD-90-9236 _ Hoch Leanne Vs. Hoch, jr Albert J Trial .

Hon. Sidney J. Gorelick 09:30

CS-93-2800 _ Grossman Joe Vs. Metroplex Foundations Drain Non-jury Trial .

Hon. Charles G. Humble 09:00

FD-90-6195 _ Lemons Irene E Vs. Lemons Bobby Lee Trial.

FD-92-5829 _ Smith Sharon Ann Vs. Smith Ronnie Dale Trial.

FD-90-4492 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Vs. Williams Bobby L Trial.

FD-94-290 _ Butler Carol A Vs. Butler Gerald W Trial.

FD-94-467 _ Gaither Michele Rae Vs. Gaither Russell Louis Trial.

FD-93-3134 _ Grissam David Vs. Grissam Townie Trial.

FD-93-4991 _ Burden Mark D Vs. Brison Ruby Trial On Merits.

FD-93-5862 _ Austin Sandy F Vs. Austin Rick L Trial.

FD-93-10275 _ Forrest Tammy J Vs. Forrest Leslie N Trial.

FD-93-10275 _ Forrest Tammy J Vs. Forrest Leslie N Trial.

FD-93-10382 _ Hicks Teri R Vs. Hicks Jerry E Trial On Merits.

FD-94-25 _ Nichols Scott Vs. Gilbert Leta Trial .

Hon. Thornton Wright Jr. 09:00

FD-93-10543 _ Grissom Yardana Vs. Guyton Victor Lee Trial.

FD-93-10728 _ Heistand Shana Rae Vs. Heistand Thomas Dub Trial On Merits.

FD-93-10041 _ Schmidt Frankie Arvilla Vs. Schmidt Laverne Howard Jr Trial.

FD-93-6242 _ Madden Dedra Lynn Vs. Madden Cory Lee Trial.

FD-93-6984 _ Grider Violet Mae Vs. Grider Oliver Walton Trial.

FD-93-7065 _ Shoot Martha Evelyn Vs. Shoot William Wallace Trial.

FD-93-8266 _ Dawe Terry S Vs. Dawe Alpha L Trial.

FD-93-5882 _ Price Kevin K Vs. Price Susan E Trial.

FD-93-4937 _ Turner Noel E Vs. Turner Esther I Trial.

FD-93-3066 _ Dunn Dorothy Vs. Sechrist Keith Alan Trial.

FD-93-3720 _ Myers Shannon Leigh Vs. Myers Johnny Richard Trial.

FD-93-4263 _ Councill Linda S Vs. Councill Allan Taylor Trial.

FD-89-4182 _ Martin Dwight A Jr Vs. Martin Judy C Trial . …

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