Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Criminal Hearing Docket For 05/02/


Hon. Clinton D. Dennis 09:00

CF-93-5281 _ State Vs. Jeffery Barry Joel Preliminary Hearing

Hon. David Harbour 09:00

CF-93-4566 _ State Vs. Burris Alvin Alexander Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-6232 _ State Vs. Mahler Pamela Sue Preliminary Hearing.

CF-88-5272 _ State Vs. Sao Larita Davis Preliminary Hearing.

CF-92-7551 _ State Vs. Jones James Arnold Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-2161 _ State Vs. Carter Anthonia Lamont Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-4530 _ State Vs. Burris Alvin Alexander Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-463 _ State Vs. Dockins Anthony Eugene Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-364 _ State Vs. Atkinson Barbara Ann Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-383 _ State Vs. Atkinson Barbara Ann Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-558 _ State Vs. Dockins Tereca Yavonne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-714 _ State Vs. Helstein Ellen Marie Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7271 _ State Vs. Wolfe Ted Leroy Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7277 _ State Vs. Blue Terry Leano Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7322 _ State Vs. Waltman Michael Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7446 _ State Vs. Green Clarence Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-8091 _ State Vs. Berry Roger Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2502 _ State Vs. Snyder Erick Matthew Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2506 _ State Vs. Mitchell Aaron Lafitte Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2438 _ State Vs. Madden Arvona Ellise Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2457 _ State Vs. Evans Donald Gene Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2465 _ State Vs. Tarver Jesse Justin Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2478 _ State Vs. Durley Richard Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2433 _ State Vs. Love Lawrence Kenneth Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2436 _ State Vs. Kodaseet Berdina Jean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1305 _ State Vs. Kodaseet Berdina Jean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-918 _ State Vs. Hurst Danny Keith Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-932 _ State Vs. Spoon Anetta Lavon Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1226 _ State Vs. Fletcher Robert James Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1074 _ State Vs. Branch Lisa Ann Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1841 _ State Vs. Embery Ernest Garland Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1847 _ State Vs. Jackson Gary Rodgers Preliminary Hearing. …

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