Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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FILED 5/11/94

P-92-1157 _ Est of Schreiner, Sr.; publi affi.

P-92-1361 _ Est of Goyer; publi affi.

P-93-1487 _ Est of O"Hagan; publi affi.

P-93-1501 _ Est of Fowler; publi affi.

P-94-286 _ Est of Clark; publi affi.

P-94-468 _ Est of Gammill; publi affi.

P-94-569 _ Est of Bunch; publi affi.

P-94-570 _ Est of Keefe; publi affi.

P-94-571 _ Est of Kirkpatrick; publi affi.

P-83-977 _ Est of Anderson; publi affi.

P-89-415 _ Est of Carlile; publi affi.

P-90-2022 _ Est of Angle; publi affi.

P-92-961 _ Est of Maxine; publi affi.

P-92-1324 _ Est of Moore, Sr.; publi affi.

P-93-606 _ Est of Kite; publi affi.

P-93-611 _ Est of Backen; publi affi.

P-93-739 _ Est of Bauguess; publi affi.

P-93-1136 _ Est of Wilson; publi affi.

P-94-81 _ Est of Mertens; publi affi.

P-94-148 _ Est of Hastings; publi affi.

P-94-379 _ Est of Harmon; publi affi.

P-94-475 _ Est of Wilson; publi affi.

P-94-486 _ Est of Eddy; publi affi.

P-80-1631 _ Est of Askins; final acct., petition, order notice of hrng on 6/8/94 at 1:30 p.m.

P-86-829 _ Est of Dennis, Jr.; order notice of hrng on 6/16/94 at 10:00 a.m., final acct., petition, applic.

P-87-576 _ Gdnsh of Hale; order notice of hrng on 5/26/94 at 9:00 a.m., affi of mailing, applic, gdn"s final acct.

P-87-689 _ Est of White, Sr.; order.

P-90-2044 _ Est of Pautchee; order, motion.

P-91-240 _ Gdnsh of Smith; order.

P-92-63 _ Est of Davis; oath, ltrs of admin.

P-92-914 _ Est of Jones; motion.

P-92-1474 _ Est of Hundon; order, request, order nunc pro tunc.

P-93-378 _ Est of Zion; final acct., petition, order notice of hrng on 6/

9/94 at 9:00 a.m., amd inventory apprmt.

P-93-662 _ Est of Littlejohn; order, affi of non-mailing.

P-93-840 _ Est of Armstrong; affi of mailing, order.

P-93-910 _ Est of Morrow; order.

P-93-1078 _ Est of Thompson; disclaimer. …

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