Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Criminal Hearing Docket For 06/01/


Hon. Clinton D. Dennis


CF-93-743 _ State Vs. Meadows Charles W Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-743 _ State Vs. Meadows, Krizzo Preliminary Hearing .

Hon. David Harbour 09:00

CF-93-4219 _ State Vs. Brown Patricia A Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-4293 _ State Vs. Mcgee James Donald Preliminary Hearing.

CF-92-7763 _ State Vs. Lane Michael Preliminary Hearing.

CF-92-6095 _ State Vs. Brown Frederick Preliminary Hearing.

CF-91-5230 _ State Vs. Gray Lessley Preliminary Hearing.

CF-92-1597 _ State Vs. Mccrea Robert James Preliminary Hearing.

CF-92-5170 _ State Vs. Brown Frederic Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-129 _ State Vs. Ober Rebecca Lynn Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-163 _ State Vs. Nichols Jason Louis Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-431 _ State Vs. Miles Jimmy Antwine Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-477 _ State Vs. Miller Helen Sue Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7872 _ State Vs. Kennedy Eschilon Latrice Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-6581 _ State Vs. Moore Anthony Eugene Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7446 _ State Vs. Green Clarence Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7969 _ State Vs. Carter Roger Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-8000 _ State Vs. Ferris Michael C Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3264 _ State Vs. Perry Gregory B Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3289 _ State Vs. Goodgion Bruce Kevin Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3292 _ State Vs. King Thomas III Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3292 _ State Vs. Franklin Watasky Demetrius Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3292 _ State Vs. Bridges Ahmad Alexander Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3292 _ State Vs. Bridges Christopher Albert Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3292 _ State Vs. Davenport David Leigh Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3071 _ State Vs. Smith Twyla Odean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3090 _ State Vs. Winters Jerry Dean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3121 _ State Vs. Osborne David Lee Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3182 _ State Vs. Scott Jonathon F Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3160 _ State Vs. Mahler Pamela Sue Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3174 _ State Vs. Tripp Dale Edward Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2849 _ State Vs. Wilson Henry Lee Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2913 _ State Vs. Hux Darrell Dewayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2945 _ State Vs. Standridge Alvin Wayne Preliminary Hearing. …

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