Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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CF-94-2779 _ State Vs. Kennedy Lakenya Keshaun Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2795 _ State Vs. Lewis Douglas Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2673 _ State Vs. Jones Adrianne Ella Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2565 _ State Vs. Hightower Larry Dwayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2610 _ State Vs. Sanchez Manuel Rios Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2690 _ State Vs. Clark Ernest Daniel Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2716 _ State Vs. Soltero Elvia Ester Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2717 _ State Vs. Douglas Frederick Earl Preliminary Hearing .

Hon. David Harbour


CF-94-2872 _ State Vs. Harris Nikil Bashier Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-4630 _ State Vs. Williams David Bardell Preliminary Hearing .

Hon. Russell D Hall 09:00

CF-94-3258 _ State Vs. Wilson William Curtis Jr Preliminary Hearing .

Hon. Larry A. Jones 09:00

CF-94-3260 _ State Vs. Moore Eugene Lawrence Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3256 _ State Vs. Berry Andre Lamonte Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3244 _ State Vs. Jimenez Eduardo Ceballos Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3239 _ State Vs. Downs Michael Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3240 _ State Vs. Bookman James Earl Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3237 _ State Vs. Dickerson Melvin Leroy Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3226 _ State Vs. Opp James David Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3231 _ State Vs. Brock Waylon James Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3213 _ State Vs. Green Howard Jackson Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3023 _ State Vs. Benjamin Leonard Jr Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3025 _ State Vs. Wood Angela Fay Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3052 _ State Vs. Nickelberry Roland L Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2867 _ State Vs. Barnes Fred Willies Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2875 _ State Vs. Lundy Teresa Ann Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2912 _ State Vs. Farbes Richard Keith Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3181 _ State Vs. Hernandez Raul Herrera Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3135 _ State Vs. Walley William Craig II Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3147 _ State Vs. Wilson Deaundya Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3272 _ State Vs. Reeves Jeffery Mark Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3273 _ State Vs. Morris Kenneth Rizzo Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3276 _ State Vs. Reading Ronnie Mac Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7967 _ State Vs. Kringlen James Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7967 _ State Vs. Kringlen Sandra Kay Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7474 _ State Vs. Derrick Reginald Holt Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-631 _ State Vs. Davis Ralph Eugene Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-443 _ State Vs. Johnson Nekki Ann Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-307 _ State Vs. Campbell Felecia Angelena Preliminary Hearing. …

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