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NOTICE OF SEALED BID SALE Under the authority in Internal Revenue Code section 6331, the property described below has been seized for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes due from Billy Rose Greer.The property will be sold at public sale under sealed bid as provided by Internal Revenue Code section 6335 and related regulations. Date Bids will be Opened: Friday, June 17, 1994. Time Bids will be Opened: 10:00 am. Title Offered: Only the right, title, and interest of Billy Rose Greer in and to the property will be offered for sale. If requested, the Internal Revenue Service will furnish information about possible encumbrances, which may be useful in determining the value of the interest being sold. (See "Nature of Title" below for further details.) Description of Property: REAL ESTATE: Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10) in block 2, Sunny Knoll Addition to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma according to the recorded plat thereof. Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) in Block 2, Sunny Knoll Addition to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma according to the recorded plat thereof. Located on the property is a brick building of approximate 9000 square feet of usable space formerly used as a nursing home. The physical address is 3000 NE 17. Property may be Inspected at: 3000 N.E. 17, Oklahoma City. Please call 297-4454. Submission of Bids: All bids must be submitted on Form 2222, Sealed Bid for Purchase of Seized Property. Contact the office indicated below for Forms 2222 and information about the property. Submit bids to the person named below before the time bids will be opened. Payment Terms: Bids must be accompanied by the full amount of the bid if it totals $200 or less. If the total bid is more than $200, submit 20 percent of the amount bid or $200, whichever is greater. On acceptance of the highest bid, the balance due, if any, will be Deferred as follows: 30% in certified funds at the auction and the balance within 30 days. Form of Payment: All payments must be by cash, certified check, cashier's or treasurer's check or by a United States postal, bank, express, or telegraph money order. Make check or money order payable to the Internal Revenue Service. Nature of Title: The right, title, and interest of the taxpayer (named above) in and to the property is offered for sale subject to any prior valid outstanding mortgages, encumbrances, or other liens in favor of third parties against the taxpayer that are superior to the lien of the United States. …


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