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In the District Court for Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma. Juvenile Division.

In the Matter of: Angelee Renee McKinney, Antonio Dewayne McKinney, Dominiq Demond McKinney, Shanice Renee McKinney, Children Alleged To Be Deprived.

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Father: Anthony David Bogan _ c/o Henri McClellan _ 2701 N.E. 16th, OKC, OK. Mother: Lisa Renee McKinney _ c/o Mrs. Dean _ 1218 N.E. 18th, OKC, OK.

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition (as amended) has been filed in the above styled and numbered case with the District Court, Juvenile Division, for Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, alleging that you are the father and mother of the above named children; and, that the children are Deprived_as follows: that said children be made wards of the Court as Deprived Children; that custody of said children be placed with some suitable person or accredited association willing to receive said children for care and maintenance; that your petitioner prays for termination of parental rights of the mother and father of said children. …