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CS-93-2401 _ St Anthony Hospital Vs. Comer Daniel T Answer To Garnishment/sent 109.71.

CS-93-2879 _ Mid-state Collections Inc Vs. Spivey Ernest Et Al Answer To Garnishment/sent 142.19.

CS-93-2879 _ Mid-state Collections Inc Vs. Spivey Ernest Et Al Claim For Exemption -Set For Hearing.

CS-93-2887 _ Mid-state Collections Inc Vs. Benefield William W Answer To Garnishment/sent 50.00.

CS-93-2943 _ Bank Of Oklahoma N A Vs. Higgins Barbara A Order/correctin Pleadings/w Smith R:1567 F:4595.

CS-93-2973 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Wilson Leann A Et Al Order Sustaining Claim For Exemption/any Funds.

CS-93-3002 _ All American Fitness Centers Vs. Smith Terry Scott Answer To Garnishment --See Answer.

CS-93-3106 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Buckley William C Judgment/gorelick R:1567 F:4596.

CS-93-3299 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Moore Ninner S Answer To Garnishment/sent 68.97.

CS-93-3354 _ Credit Acceptance Corporation Vs. Miller Robert W Answer To Garnishment/sent 86.95.

CS-93-3500 _ Mid State Collections Inc Vs. Lee Albert Answer To Garnishment/sent 16.59.

CS-93-3856 _ Southwest Medical Center Vs. Wagner Joseph A Answer To Garnishment/sent 54.80.

CS-93-3861 _ Credit Collectins Inc Vs. Vela Luis V Answer To Garnishment/sent 50.00.

CS-93-3908 _ Stores Protective Services I Vs. Caughey Mark Answer To Garnishment/sent 64.85.

CS-93-3993 _ American Collection Services I Vs. Wilson Eva J Answer To Garnishment --See Answer.

CS-93-4214 _ Greewood Trust Company A Delaw Vs. Moss Sue L A/k/a Moss S Leata Answer To Garnishment/sent 110.00.

CS-93-4228 _ Stores Protective Services Inc Vs. Geissler Albert Carl Answer To Garnishment/sent 113.06.

CS-93-4316 _ Credit Adjustment Company Inc Vs. Frantz Gary Ord Garnishment Discharged R: F:.

CS-93-4834 _ Equity Fire And Casualty Compa Vs. Roberson David Affidavit Of Service R1567 F3293.

CS-93-4927 _ Credit Service Inc Vs. Groves Leonard E Amended Petition.

CS-93-5390 _ State Insurance Fund A Deparme Vs. Well Site Inspection Inc A Cor Entry Of Appearance R: F:.

CS-93-5493 _ American Collection Services I Vs. Watson Charlotte Answer To Garnishment/sent 248. …


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