Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 940 002090

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: William Kim McPherson. Relief Sought: Increased Density. Legal Description: West Half of Section 17-5N-5W, Grady County, Oklahoma.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and particularly Comanche Exploration Company; Palo Duro Production Company fao Rambler Oil Company; Rambler Oil Company 1981 Fall Drilling Program c/o Joseph C. Vaughan; Bill B. Beavers c/o Chiles Heider Division Smith Barney Shearson; Victor Brenk; Phillip T. Resha; Estate of James L. Stuart; Lloyd J. Waner, Jr.; Phillip J. Werner c/o Werner Construction Co.; Kirk T. West, Inc.; Universal Resources Corp.; Crudequest, Inc.; Kirk T. West; Marathon Oil Company; Comanche Resources Company; Amy Andrew West Trust; Charles L. Addy; L.O. Addy, Jr.; Geneva Brooksher; G.A. Brown Estate c/o Linda B. Keith Executrix; Jack W. Cecil; Hyahwanah O. Cecil; Sam Cecil Estate; Sid Cecil; Sam Cecil and Cybil Cecil; Troy Cecil; Orlina Driskill; Mita M. Ehn; Marie Cecil Foster; Redford O. Foster Marie E. Foster; Amax Petroleum Corporation; V.F. Lucille Fountain; Martha Moody Hardwick; Mark Hause; E.D. Jernigan; Robert Charles Jernigan; Robert Charles Jernigan Trust; Norma Gail Justis; Marie Kirby; V.C. McClintock; Richard A. Miller; Albert C. Miller; John B. Minnett; John S. Minnett; Dan Moody; Erin Moody; Harry Moore, Jr.; Frank J. Newkumet; Geneva C. Newkumet; Jessie Lee Palmer; Maxine Palmer; J.B. Parsley; Thelma Louise Parsley; James W. Pitts; Gene Sawyer 1991 Revocable Trust; Gene Sawyer; Marilyn Sawyer; Julie Minnett Sewell; LaDonna Smith Shriwise; Pearl Thomas; Maudie Cecil White c/o Don Beverly; Sharman Elaine Addy; Susan Eleanor Addy; American Exploration Company; Crossover Limited Partnership; Archer Ernest Hollingsworth; K.E. McAfee Irrevocable Trust C Terri Anne Williams, Trustee; K.E. McAfee Irrevocable Trust D Mark K. Williams, Trustee; Plantation Partners; Wickham Limited Partnership; H.C. Wickham, Inc.; APC Operating Partnership; Aviva America, Inc.; Bison Associates 1989-A Inc.; Calco Operating Company; Genesis Production Company; McPherson Family Trust Kerry Morris Ramona Stevens, Co-Trustees; PMC Reserves Acquisition Co.; Teco, Inc.; Texaco Exploration Production c/o Texas Commerce Bank; Trajan Development Company Partnership; Snyder Oil Company, nominee Snyder Oil Corporation; Snyder Operating Partnership L.P.; Arkla Exploration Company; Northern Michigan Exploration Company; Texana Resources Corp.; TXO Production Corp.; Cletia Randolph; Planoco, Inc.; Tula H. Durham; Amax Petroleum Corporation; Britoil Ventures, Inc.; Bill Donald Cecil; The Walker Corp.; Citizens National Bank Trust Company of Oklahoma City; The Bovaird Supply Company; Senco Development Co.; Boatman's First National Bank of Oklahoma City; Dale's Dirt Work; Search Drilling Company; First City National Bank of Houston; Bank of Oklahoma of Oklahoma City, N.A.; Bryan C. Birkeland, Trustee for Interfirst Bank, Dallas, N.A.; Continental Illinois National Bank Trust Company of Chicago; David H. Murdock, d/b/a International Mining Company; Duane Adair Exploration; Nomeco Oil

Gas Co.; Atlantic Richfield Company; Hadson Petroleum Corporation; Jay Petroleum, Inc.; Cities Service Company; Cedar Oil Company; Scandril, Inc. c/o Pyramid Energy, Inc.; Ladd Petroleum Corp.; Conoco Pipeline Company; First National Bank; Deck Oil Co., an Oklahoma Corporation; Bank of Oklahoma, Tulsa N.A.; Citibank, N.A.; Citicorp (USA), Inc.; Booth Williams Exploration, Inc.; Union Bank and Trust Company; CCC Capital Drilling Fund; Park Central Bank, N.A.; American Production Partnership - V, Ltd.; Niniah Oil Finance Corp.; Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York; Clover Petroleum Corporation now Comanche Resources Company; David V. …


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