Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Criminal Hearing Docket For 06/13/


Hon. David Harbour 09:00

CF-94-2615 _ State Vs. Grigsby Timothy Omar Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2644 _ State Vs. Bass David Wayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2339 _ State Vs. Darks Tyrone Peter Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2346 _ State Vs. Webb Ted Randall Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2369 _ State Vs. Howell Ronald Davis Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2467 _ State Vs. Harjo Lewis Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2433 _ State Vs. Love Lawrence Kenneth Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2438 _ State Vs. Crawford Gregory Keith Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3164 _ State Vs. Perez Jose Luna Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3130 _ State Vs. Dejear Gary Lee Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3246 _ State Vs. Milton Timothy Dewayne Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3177 _ State Vs. Austin Donald Lee Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3198 _ State Vs. Mitchell Dennon Keith Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2682 _ State Vs. Taylor Renee Bobbetta Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2910 _ State Vs. Irwin Carl Stockwell Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2961 _ State Vs. Rodriguez Rafael Delfino Jr Ak Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-2977 _ State Vs. Briggs Glen Anthony Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-3009 _ State Vs. Briggs Glen Anthony Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-902 _ State Vs. Eberson Andrew Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-992 _ State Vs. Farmer Barbara Jean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1136 _ State Vs. Fields Edwin Charles Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1327 _ State Vs. Lane Anthony Ramon Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-7962 _ State Vs. Claiman Bryan Christopher Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-119 _ State Vs. Horn Deborah Jo Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-541 _ State Vs. Harjo Terrie Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-607 _ State Vs. Smith Janette Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1707 _ State Vs. Austin Donnie Gene Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1781 _ State Vs. Keefer Eugene Franklin Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1849 _ State Vs. Wallace Howard Cecil Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1910 _ State Vs. Spencer Bonnie Gail Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1960 _ State Vs. Lee Twana Gail Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1349 _ State Vs. Day Corey Allen Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-1367 _ State Vs. …

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