Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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FILED 7/14/94

P-88-787 _ Est of Reins; publi affi.

P-90-2063 _ Est of Smith; publi affi.

P-92-49 _ Est of Huff; publi affi.

P-92-55 _ Est of Williams; publi affi.

P-92-1332 _ Est of Fraser; publi affi.

P-92-1484 _ Est of McLennan; publi affi.

P-93-5 _ Est of Hill; publi affi (2).

P-93-854 _ Est of McKenzie; publi affi.

P-93-944 _ Est of Abbott; publi affi.

P-93-1287 _ Est of Orr; publi affi.

P-94-475 _ Est of Wilson; publi affi.

P-94-510 _ Est of O"Brien; publi affi.

P-94-711 _ Est of Laro; publi affi.

P-94-727 _ Est of Faust; publi affi.

P-94-789 _ Est of Sears; publi affi (2).

P-94-838 _ Est of Clark; publi affi.

P-94-859 _ Est of Peed; publi affi.

P-75-1443 _ Est of Wynne; applic, order nunc pro tunc.

P-81-320 _ Gdnsh of Mayo; rider, ltr from VA, affi of mailing, order.

P-87-1717 _ Est of Speck; resignation of admin.

P-87-2045 _ Cons. of Dunn; affi of mailing (2).

P-88-432 _ Gdnsh of Ellington; applic, order.

P-88-1374 _ Cons. of Bloom; order notice of hrng on 8/2/94 at 9:00 a.m., notice, proof of mailing, 6th annual report.

P-90-21 _ Est of Remmers; notice (2), partial assignment (2).

P-90-2063 _ Est of Smith; affi of mailing.

P-91-92 _ Est of Arendt; IRS est tax closing ltr, order from OTC.

P-91-729 _ Est of Conboy; final acct., petition, supplemental acct., order notice of hrng on 8/5/94 at 9:00 a.m., affi of mailing.

P-91-983 _ Est of Vargas; claim.

P-92-104 _ Est of Dodd; motion.

P-92-465 _ Est of Garoutte et al; order.

P-92-751 _ Est of Young; IRS est tax closing ltr., order from OTC, order.

P-92-1559 _ Est of Meeks; receipt.

P-93-5 _ Est of Hill; affi of mailing, order.

P-93-131 _ Est of Carder; applic, order.

P-93-194 _ Est of Harris; order.

P-93-290 _ Est of Dewbre; order notice of hrng on 8/4/94 at 9:00 a.m., petition.

P-93-664 _ Est of Whitten, Sr.; notice.

P-93-691 _ Est of Porter; applic, order.

P-93-708 _ Est of Doolen; motion.

P-93-944 _ Est of Abbott; waiver, affi of non-mailing, final acct., petition, not. to cred.

P-93-1013 _ Est of Barton; order from OTC.

P-93-1226 _ Est of Webb; petition, written consent (2), order.

P-93-1245 _ Est of Barger; order.

P-93-1283 _ Est of Myotte; affi of non-mailing, affi of mailing. …

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