Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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No. P-93-450

In the District Court of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma.

In the Matter of the Estate of Jesse A. Gant, Deceased.

Notice is hereby given that Joyce A. Sullivan, Administratrix of the Estate of Jesse A. Gant, Deceased, has returned and presented for confirmation, and filed in said Court her return of the sale of the following described real property of said estate, to-wit:

A tract of land in the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of Section Five (5), Township Eleven (11) North, Range Three (3) West of the Indian Meridian, being a part of Lot One (1), all of Lots Two (2) through Six (6), Block Two (2), POINTON'S DOWNTOWN WAREHOUSE DISTRICT to Oklahoma City, according to the plat recorded in Book 35 of Plats, page 35, and a portion of unplatted land adjacent to said Lots One (1) and Two (2), Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, when taken together, being more particularly described as follows:

BEGINNING at the Northwest corner of Lot Six (6), Block Two (2), POINTON'S DOWNTOWN WAREHOUSE DISTRICT.

THENCE North 89c32d45e East, along the South line of Southwest 3rd Street, also being the Northerly line of said Block Two (2), a distance of 246.35 feet;

THENCE continuing along said line, Easterly and Northeasterly on a curve to the left having a radius of 276.00 feet (said curve subtended by a chord which bears North 74c00d40e East a distance of 147.84 feet) an arc distance of 149.67 feet;

THENCE South 78c41d58e East a distance of 158.12 feet;

THENCE North 89c49d15e East a distance of 64.70 feet to a point on the East line of said Lot One (1), Block Two (2);

THENCE along the Easterly line of said Lot One (1), being also the Westerly line of the Oklahoma Railway Company right-of-way, parallel with and 50 feet from (measured perpendicular to) the centerline thereof, Southerly, and Southwesterly on a curve to the right having a radius of 238. …

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