Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

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FILED 8/5/94

P-87-199 _ Gdnsh of Morris in re; brief in support.

P-93-1224 _ Est of Johnson; publi affi.

P-93-1313 _ Est of Nail; publi affi.

P-94-6 _ Est of Moulton; publi affi.

P-94-481 _ Est of Morris; publi affi.

P-94-528 _ Est of Pieper; publi affi.

P-94-814 _ Est of Schomberg; publi affi.

P-94-848 _ Est of Reid; publi affi.

P-94-850 _ Est of Fryman; publi affi.

P-94-851 _ Est of Mayes; publi affi.

P-94-887 _ Est of Krivanek; publi affi.

P-94-974 _ Est of Michael; publi affi.

P-94-975 _ Est of Truax; publi affi.

P-77-1829 _ Est of Brown; order, supplement to final acct., petition.

P-87-485 _ Cons. of Merritt; 6th 7th annual report acct.

P-87-1273 _ Gdnsh of Christon; notice (7).

P-87-1495 _ Est of Klusmeyer; applic, order, dismissal with prejudice.

P-88-334 _ Est of Wood; order.

P-88-324 _ Est of Cole; 4th annual acct., applic.

P-89-69 _ Est of Petree; motion, order (2).

P-91-346 _ Est of Donley; response and objection.

P-91-983 _ Est of Vargas; final acct., petition.

P-91-1788 _ Est of Johnston; order notice of hrng on 9/8/94 at 9:00 a.m., 1st final acct., petition.

P-92-1142 _ Est of Eckroat; order (2), final acct.

P-92-1470 _ Est of Smalley; final dischg., report, receipt (2), acknowledgement.

P-92-1503 _ Est of Gaffney; Est Tax Closing ltr from IRS.

P-92-1582 _ Est of Estes; order.

P-93-131 _ Est of Carder; applic.

P-93-214 _ Est of Courtney; order notice of hrng on 8/30/94 at 1:30 p.m., final acct., petition, affi of mailing.

P-93-450 _ Est of Gant; order (2).

P-93-708 _ Est of Doolen; entry of appearance, certif of mailing.

P-93-870 _ Est of Hoffman; order from OTC.

P-93-1022 _ Est of West; receipt (8), order.

P-93-1096 _ Est of Messer; affi of mailing, order notice of hrng on 8/

29/94 at 9:00 a.m., final acct., petition.

P-93-1197 _ Est of Robinson; final acct., petition, gen inventory apprmt, order notice of hrng on 8/

29/94 at 9:00 a.m., affi of mailing.

P-93-1304 _ Est of Branon; 2nd alias motion.

P-93-1478 _ Est of Ambrose; order.

P-93-1530 _ Est of Griffin; affi of mailing.

P-93-1564 _ Est of Johnston; entry of appearance, certif of mailing. …

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