Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

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Filings For 09/13/94

CJ-85-6769 _ Hunter Jerry Vs. Echols M Eileen Et Al Reply To Pltf's Motion To Strike Pltf's Motion.

CJ-87-4937 _ Howard Melvin Vs. State Of Okla Ex Rel Journal Entry/

joint Motion To Add Necessary Party/.

CJ-87-11648 _ Thermoplastic Molders Inc Vs. Kulick Mary Ann Answer To Garnishment/94.37.

CJ-88-2230 _ Wurth Michael Dr Vs. Oklahoma City University Transcripts Exhibits Attatched To Transcripts.

CJ-88-2230 _ Wurth Michael Dr Vs. Oklahoma City University Transcript Of Pltf Objections To Jury Instructions.

CJ-88-2230 _ Wurth Michael Dr Vs. Oklahoma City University Transcript Of Pltf. Objections To Jury Instrutions.

CJ-88-6822 _ Applied Energy Systems Inc Vs. Innovative Thermal Corp Et Al Pre-trial Conference Order R:1601 F:1395.

CJ-89-3909 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Vs. Davis Maurice Affidavit Of Judgment R:1601 F:1165.

CJ-89-9863 _ Federal National Mortgage Asso Vs. Brown Gary Lee Et Al Notice Of Bankruptcy.

CJ-89-11629 _ Ford Motor Credit Corporation Vs. Gaines Ricardo C Answer To Garnishment/no Account.

CJ-90-1438 _ Prefontaine Gary Vs. Rowton Jim Copy Of Release Satisfaction Of Judgment That Wa.

CJ-90-2778 _ Goldman Monte G Et Al Vs. Bates Roddy Et Al Applic For Approval Fee Costs Budget Accountin.

CJ-90-4902 _ Walsh Thomas F Vs. Durham John An Individual Answer To Garnishment/no Account.

CJ-90-8714 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Vs. Nineteen Eightysix Mercury Mer Agreed Ord Setting Aside 7-13-94 Ord Of Forfeiture.

CJ-90-10153 _ Helmerich And Payne,inc. Vs. State Of O Klahoma Et Al Partial Dismissal Of Claims With Prejudice.

CJ-91-973 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Vs. Kessler Robert M Et Al Answer To Garnishment/79.23.

CJ-91-2325 _ Bank Of Oklahoma Na Midwest Ci Vs. Cantrell R Michael Plaintiff's Response To Def's Motion To Quash.

CJ-91-4447 _ Magott Roger A Vs. Oklahoma Gas Electric Etal Response To Petition In Error * Prelim.Statement.

CJ-91-7314 _ Sill Bill Et Al Vs. Liberty National Bank Et Al Agreed Order/l Freeman R:1601 F:1437.

CJ-91-9060 _ Hillcrest Health Center Inc Vs. Ware Jerald L Et Al Answer To Garnishment/71.53.

CJ-92-343 _ Gayer Phillip O Vs. Vandeventer,jr Jim Instructions To Jury.

CJ-92-1025 _ Conoco Pipe Line Company Vs. Edmond Paving And Construction Order/applic For An Extension 10-3-94 Granted/.

CJ-92-1228 _ Tucker Vicki Elaine Et Al Vs. Little Kenneth Paul Et Al Order/motion To Bifurcate, Granted/


CJ-92-1258 _ State Of Oklahoma Ex Rel Tax Vs. Chappell Roy G Dba Chappell Su Answer To Garnishment/158.64.

CJ-92-1455 _ Croisant Tracy H Vs. Thurman Kelly Deft's Applic For Ord Allowing Amendment Of Answer.

CJ-92-3861 _ Nolen Phillip J Vs. Kline Jeannie Dismissal W/o Prejudice R:1601 F:1440.

CJ-92-3898 _ Oklahoma Tax Commission Vs. Bass Terry Et Al Answer To Garnishment -0-. …

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