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At Last, A Good Use of Computers: To Perfect Jeans

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

At Last, A Good Use of Computers: To Perfect Jeans

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram

You cannot believe the good news I'm sharing with you today. It's an answer to your dreams, that's all, a solution to your greatest problem, the most effective balm to woman's eternal vexation I can offer. It is: the perfect pair of jeans.

That's right. Levi Strauss now offers made-to-order jeans for women. Well, for men, too, but the main target is women, whom they're trying to win as loyal customers, which men, it seems, already are.

Now, how they do that is this, according to The New York Times:

"Sales clerks at an Original Levi's Store use a personal computer and the customer's vital statistics to create a digital blue-jeans blueprint. When transmitted electronically to a Levi's factory, this computer file instructs a robotic tailor to cut a bolt of denim precisely to the woman's measurements."

The customer also selects the fabric, choosing among stone-washed denim, traditional blue, black _ all colors, all varieties, and all this perfect fit and all these choices cost only $10 more than a mass-produced pair.

Of course, you can't do that in Fort Worth yet; I don't even think you can do it in Texas, but a pilot program in Cincinnati has been so successful that the company is expanding the service.

A male acquaintance who found me jumping up and down on the kitchen counter in jubilation immediately upon reading of this miraculous development was less than impressed by my explanation. Men, it seems, don't have the same problems finding the perfect pair of jeans; their anatomies, I suppose, are more of a mass-produced shape, easily fitting into mass-produced britches.

But it isn't just those perfect-fitting jeans folded neatly on some golden horizon that excites me. The same computer system will be picked up by other clothiers, and one retail analyst said it will change the way we buy clothes, cutting down also on costly inventory and returns. …

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