Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Probate Proceedings

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Filed 1-24-95

P-81-1722 _ Gdn of Benson; appl, pleadings.

P-85-2186 _ Gdn of Gravitt; motion (2).

P-86-2001 _ Gdn of Ivey; order.

P-90-1070 _ Est of Janzen; ord not of hrng on 2-10-95 at 9 am.

P-90-1937 _ Est of Smith; report, receipt (2), final discharge.

P-91-238 _ Est of Graham; receipt (5), final discharge.

P-91-1569 _ Est of Dill; receipt (7).

P-92-1128 _ Est of Bentley; final acct, disclosure, appl, ord

not of hrng on 2-21-95 at 9 am.

P-92-1226 _ Est of Callison; ord from OTC.

P-92-1600 _ Est of Herd; order.

P-93-58 _ Est of Teakell; receipt release (6).

P-93-178 _ Est of Farman; notice.

P-93-414 _ Est of Chandler; order from OTC.

P-93-487 _ Est of McInnis; decree.

P-93-958 _ Est of Garrison; order.

P-93-995 _ Est of Loomer; order.

P-93-1276 _ Est of Sneed; responses.

P-94-39 _ Est of Young; affi of mail.

P-94-54 _ Est of Hicks; order.

P-94-82 _ Est of Spence; final acct, ord not of hrng on 2-23-95 at 9 am, petition.

P-94-264 _ Est of Marsh; general inventory appraisement, notice of hearing on 2-16-95 at 9 am.

P-94-394 _ Est of Weir; report, final discharge.

P-94-397 _ Est of Provenzano; appl (2), order (3).

P-94-420 _ Est of Hoss; final acct, ord not of hrng on 2-17-95 at 9 am, appl, affi of mail, order.

P-94-490 _ Est of Roepe; suppl final acct, appl, order.

P-94-555 _ Est of Burkey et al; affi of mail.

P-94-775 _ Est of Benton; ord from OTC.

P-94-844 _ Est of Christie; ord from OTC.

P-94-910 _ Est of Landoll; ord not of hrng on 2-9-95 at 9 am.

P-94-949 _ Est of Pollock; order.

P-94-996 _ Est of Stockton; order (2).

P-94-1037 _ Est of Hoshall; ord from OTC.

P-94-1039 _ Est of Marsh; final acct, order for hearing on 2-16-95 at 9 am.

P-94-1123 _ Est of Stith; general inventory appraisement.

P-94-1204 _ Est of Moore; order.

P-94-1208 _ Est of Eastwood; petition, inventory, appl. …

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