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How Can Workers Gain Greater Control of Their TIme?

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

How Can Workers Gain Greater Control of Their TIme?

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Workers with greater control over their work situations are more satisfied in their jobs. Job satisfaction increases when one possesses the freedom to make both large and small decisions affecting his or her work day, including prioritizing tasks and leeway on activities such as when to take lunch or other breaks.

Control over pace of work and daily calendars ranks high on the list of those wanting greater autonomy making decisions regarding their work days.

In the past, most executives were able to set appointments and other meetings around their own schedules. While they still retain a high degree of control over their work day, contemporary office environments are beginning to dictate a larger part of the executive's schedule.

In contrast, executive secretaries and individuals with similar responsibilities often experience high levels of stress because they possess little or no control over their daily schedules and feel entirely at the service of another co-worker.

How can one gain greater control?

Mentally prepare for time periods when control will be lost, and set aside periods of the day when you know that a co-worker, boss, or customer will monopolize your time. Do not plan any of your own activities for these time periods. In so doing, your expectations of accomplishments will not be a disappointment, and you will feel better.

Reserve times for your own "catching-up," when the flow of work in the office, lab, or classroom is slowed, and you will not be interrupted.

It is also important to remain very reliable in your job in order to gain your supervisor's confidence, trust, and respect. Doing this allows you the greater freedom to accomplish all that must be done in your busy schedule on a daily basis.

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