Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Received 2-6-95

NA _ Information Not Available


Special Energy Corp., Kennedy State 1 CSW, 5-1N-11E, 1320fsl-1320fwl.

Pontotoc Production Co., Eddings 3-20, W SE SW SW, 20-1N-10E, 165fsl-950fwl.


Crystal Energy, Noel 1, NW SW, 27-4N-9E, 1980fsl-660fwl.

Pre-MC Inc., Marler Well Cris 1, SW SW SW, 18-5N-9E, 330fsl-330fwl.

Pre-MC Inc., Marler Chris 2, SW SW SW SWS, 18-5N-9E, 250fsl-250fwl.

Alexander Energy, D. Emma A 1, NE NW NW, 8-6N-8E, 2310fsl-990fwl.

Pre-MC Inc., Marler Well 3, NW SW SW, 18-5N-9E, 990fsl-330fwl.

Bill Weems Oil, Billy 1, CNE NE SW, 28-7N-9E, 2310fsl-1650fwl.

Bill Parks,, Rodgers 1, NE NE, 8-7N-9E, fsl-fwl not available.

R. Carl Larkins, Stroup Park 1, SE SW SE, 7-7N-9E, fsl-fwl not available.

Greens Drilling and Mud Service, Spence 7, SE SW SE, 17-7N-8E, fsl-fwl not available.

eCrystal Energy, Hamilton 2, C SE NE SE, 32-4N-9E, 1650fsl-2310fwl.


XAE Corp., McIntosh Estate 1-28, C SW SE, 28-11N-15E, 660fsl-660fwl.


Unit Petroleum Co., Graham 2, W E SE SW, 14-7N-13E, 660fsl-2200fwl.

Unit Petroleum Co., Pedersen 1, SW SW NE NE, 23-7N-13E, 1370fsl-1370fwl.

Eberly and Meade, Pearl Davis 5-1, NE SW SW NE, 1-6N-16E, 640fsl-640fwl.


Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty 24, NE NE NW, 26-5N-8E, 2430fsl-2145fwl.

Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty 3 39, NW NW NW, 26-5N-8E, 2145fsl-165fwl.

Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty 3 14, SW NW NW, 26-5N-8E, 1760fsl-330fwl.,

Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty 3-30, NW NW SW NW, 26-5N-8E, 2475fsl-165fwl.

Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty B 35, NE NE NW NW, 26-25N-8E, 2475fsl-1155fwl.

Shirley M. Parker, Daugherty B 36, SE NW NW, 26-5N-8E, 2145fsl-495fwl.

Shirley M. Parker, Kirchner 2, SE SE NW NEK, 26-5N-8E, fsl-fwl not available.

Shirley M. Parker, Kirchner 5, SE NW NE, 26-5N-6E, 1850fsl-980fwl.

OXY USA, Wade 4, SE SW NE, 19-5N-8E, 330fsl-990fwl. …

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