Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 950 000452

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: K. Stewart Petroleum Corporation. Relief Sought: Increased Well Density. Land Covered: Section 9, Township 18 North, Range 12 West, Blaine County, Oklahoma.

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: To the following parties, if living; or if deceased, then their unknown heirs, devisees, executors, administrators, successors , trustees, and/or assigns; or, the unknown successors, trustees, and/

or assigns; or, the unknown successors, trustees or assigns, if any, of any dissolved corporation, or the unknown successors of any party designated in any record as trustee: Western Gas Resources, Inc.; National Cooperative Refinery Association; Marathon Oil Company; Amoco Production Co.; Bogert Oil Co., now Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corporation; Ward Petroleum Corporation; Alexander Energy Corporation; Edwards Leech Oil Co.; Gerald Adkins; Barbours Energy Corporation; D.A. Bash Associates, Inc.; David A. Bash, Jr.; BCS Consolidated Energy; Dora Lee Cook, Independent Executor of the Estate of Flossie Irene Cook; Darnell Oil Corporation; Delaware Royalty Co., Inc.; Carole J. Drake; Five States 1990-A Ltd.; Richard S. Gaddy; Henry H. Gungoll Associates L.L.C.; Thelma Jean Gungoll; B P Hall; Ivan E. Haney and Shirley Haney; Dianne S. Harris; Lisa M. Harris; Lynn E. Harris; William D. Harrison; Hiawatha Limited Partnership 79-1; Doris L. Howard; Everett R. Jones, Jr., Trustee-II; C.W. Josey, Jr.; NCNB Texas National Bank, Trustee of the Dorothy S. Josey Trust; NCNB Texas National Bank, Trustee of J. Josey Trust; NCNB Texas National Bank, Agent Trustee of the Josey Trust Collection; R. Neal Bright, Etal Co-Executor of the Estate of James E. Kemp; Hyger Resources, Inc.; M.J. Resources; Mobil Oil Corporation; David L. Murphy; Mustang Fuel Corporation of Oklahoma; Ramona R. Neundorf; Mayola Phillips; Richard Pineau; Edward F. Propp; Rancho Oil Company; James A. Rowe; Quinten Scott

Imogene Scott; United States Gypsum Co.; Wagner Brown Ltd.; L.O. Ward Associates; Myra B. Ward; Ward Petroleum Corporation; Jessie Ann Wilson; Rod W. Ylitalo and all persons, owners, producers and operators of oil and gas and all other interested persons in Blaine County, Oklahoma. …


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