Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

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Filed 3-23-95

P-78-2010 _ Est of Loomer; publ affi.

P-88-685 _ Est of Leithead; publ affi.

P-90-273 _ Est of Houston; publ affi.

P-93-427 _ Est of Henfling; publ affi.

P-94-92 _ Est of Kemp; publ affi.

P-94-451 _ Est of Nelson; publ affi.

P-94-574 _ Est of Newton; publ affi.

P-94-695 _ Est of Hinton; publ affi.

P-94-966 _ Est of Adams; publ affi.

P-94-1109 _ Est of Fisher; publ affi.

P-94-1262 _ Est of Anderson; publ affi.

P-94-1265 _ Est of White; publ affi.

P-95-234 _ Est of Sherry; publ affi.

P-95-235 _ Est of Houston; publ affi.

P-95-239 _ Est of Flynn; publ affi.

P-95-298 _ Est of Schlemeyer; publ affi.

P-73-1962 _ Est of Reeves; notice.

P-84-314 _ In re: Ford vs Wiley; order of hrng on 3-27-95 at 1:30 pm.

P-90-83 _ Est of Eberle; final report, ord not of hrng on 4-13-95 at 1:30 pm, order (25).

P-90-639 _ Est of Minett; appl.

P-91-1375 _ Est of Paddck; affi of mail.

P-91-1867 _ Est of Morris; order.

P-92-1397 _ ESt of Childers; ord for hearing on 4-12-95 at 9 am.

P-93-108 _ Est of Bronson; receipt.

P-93-427 _ Est of Henfling; waiver.

P-93-479 _ Est of Schroeder et al; appl, ord from OTC, ord not of hrng on 4-20-95 at 1:30 pm, affi of mail.

P-93-1388 _ In re Mills; petition, will, ord not of hrng on 4-4-95 at 9 am, affi of mail.

P-93-1397 _ Est of Allen; final acct, ord not of hrng on 5-14-95 at 9 am.

P-93-1570 _ Est of Treisa et al; petition.

P-94-87 _ Est of Bay; ord from OTC.

P-94-149 _ Est of Clayton Jr; motion.

P-94-316 _ Est of Forester; receipt release.

P-94-465 _ Est of Grout; order, petition, consent waiver (3).

P-94-668 _ Est of Koepke; order, appl.

P-94-695 _ Est of Hinton; final acct, ord not of hrng on 5-14-95 at 9 am.

P-94-782 _ Est of McMullin; order.

P-94-831 _ Est of Putnam; final acct.

P-94-865 _ Est of Hale; order, adjusted final acct, verification.

P-94-884 _ Est of Bryan; order. …

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