Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Jatco Device Cuts Gas Production Emissions

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Jatco Device Cuts Gas Production Emissions

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As air and ground pollution regulation increases, service companies are working harder to develop products that reduce problems related to the oil and gas industry.

One problem facing the industry is the new regulations concerning the emissions of Glycol Dehydrators, according to Jeff Hill, vice president of manufacturing and sales for Jatco Inc. of Oklahoma City.

Jatco, owned by Todd Wiggins, has been producing environmental protection equipment since 1988. In 1994, the company had sales of $350,000.

Glycol Dehydrators are used in natural gas systems to remove moisture and water from the gas stream.

"The problem inherent with dehydrator systems is the hydrocarbons are collected in the Glycol along with moisture it takes out of natural gas, and the Glycol is reheated to put moisture off to be reused again in the dehydrator," Hill said.

"As it reheats,. . .it also puts off volatile organic compounds and BTEX _carcinogens being dealt with by the Environmental Protection Agency," he said.

BTEX stands for a combination of benzene, toluene, ethylene and xylene.

"Until recently, this type of equipment has been allowed to vent these emissions into the atmosphere," Hill said. "Now, some of these companies will have to modify to be in compliance with the Clean Air Act or pay fines and file for special permitting with the EPA."

Only five companies in the United States are developing equipment to deal with this type of problem, according to Hill.

Three weeks ago, Jatco began marketing the BTEX Eliminator system to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds and carcinogens such as benzene and others from the environment.

Unlike other companies which have focused efforts on larger applications, Jatco built the BTEX Eliminator system for the smaller operators and dehydrators out in the field, Wiggins said. …

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