Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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Criminal Hearing Docket For 04/10/


Hon. David Harbour


CF-94-3430 _ State Vs. Harden Don Alan Preliminary Hearing X 2.

CF-94-4551 _ State Vs. Tiddark Richard Ross Preliminary Hearing X 5.

CF-94-8431 _ State Vs. Hefley Dayna Preliminary Hearing X 3.

CF-94-8064 _ State Vs. Jones Serena Ann Preliminary Hearing X 3.

CF-94-7168 _ State Vs. Jones Dnar Maurice Preliminary Hearing X 6.

CF-94-7312 _ State Vs. Daniels Valorie Lynn Preliminary Hearing 5.

CF-88-4368 _ State Vs. Buffalohead Delicia Chris Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-5651 _ State Vs. Scott Michael Burton Preliminary Hearing X 14.

CF-93-3226 _ State Vs. Brown Sherry Lorene Preliminary Hearing X7.

CF-94-1959 _ State Vs. Albarado Ronsfasto R Preliminary Hearing.

CF-93-6436 _ State Vs. Kellum Richard Wayne Preliminary Hearing 2x.

CF-94-2077 _ State Vs. Moody Janice Lea Aka Preliminary Hearing X10.

CF-95-1822 _ State Vs. Simpkins Wayne Robert Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1823 _ State Vs. Street Jamie Ray Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1838 _ State Vs. Lowry Islan Michelle Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1840 _ State Vs. Eberson Larry Don Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1841 _ State Vs. Leffette Dorothy Jean Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1843 _ State Vs. Clark James Byron Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-915 _ State Vs. Dawson Wade Edward Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-957 _ State Vs. Laforce Janice Marie Aka Preliminary Ann X 2.

CF-95-1040 _ State Vs. Morrow Mary Catherine Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1093 _ State Vs. Cheatham Clinton Benjamin Jr Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1128 _ State Vs. Denton Danny Ray Preliminary Hearing X2.

CF-95-1182 _ State Vs. Vargas Maggie Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1317 _ State Vs. Flowers Rex Dewight Preliminary Hearing.

CF-95-1335 _ State Vs. Robinson Sheila Rochell Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-8672 _ State Vs. Jones Dnar Maurice Preliminary Hearing X 4.

CF-94-8724 _ State Vs. Cardenas Rickey R Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-8774 _ State Vs. Whitlock Vernon James Jr Preliminary Hearing X 4.

CF-94-8983 _ State Vs. Ragland Sharon Aka Preliminary Hearing.

CF-94-8984 _ State Vs. Denton Danny Ray Preliminary Hearing X4.

CF-95-604 _ State Vs. …

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