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Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 950 001170

Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: OXY USA Inc. Relief Sought; Deletion of Lands from Existing Drilling and Spacing Order and Establishment of New Drilling and Spacing Units Under a New Order as to the Hunton Common Source of Supply. Legal Description; Sections 5 6, Township 15 North, Range 18 West, Custer County and Sections 31 32, Township 16 North, Range 18 West, Dewey County, Oklahoma.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested parties, particularly in Custer and Dewey Counties, Oklahoma, and more particularly the parties named on Exhibit "A" attached hereto and if any of said named individuals are deceased, the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, successor trustees and assigns, immediate and remote, of any such deceased person and, if any of the named corporations are no longer in existence, then the unknown successors of any such corporation.

Exhibit "A"

Ada Oil Exploration Corp.; Adrienne Wynn 1985 Trust Shirley W. Forrest Wynn, Trst.; Alan M. May c/o Newport Management Company; Amax Oil Gas Inc.; Amon G. Carter Foundation; Atropos Exploration Company; Bartlesville Wesleyan College; Board of Trustees Oklahoma Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church; Capmac, Inc.; Capmac, Inc., Nominee for Capmac 82 Limited Partnership; Capmac Inc.; Capmac, Inc.; Carl Lee Sutherland; Carl

Evalyene Williams; Carol Jean Scully; Carole J. Hatcher; Carole Hatcher Guardian Estate of Michele Hatcher; Cecil W. Crispin Mildred Fay Crispin; Cecil Rounds Imogene Rounds, Jt. Ten.; Charles Walker Vynetta Walker; Christine B. Mallams; Claude F. Wynn; David J. Graham; Davis No. 1 Trust Dated 10/

24/86; Della Denise Avants; Devon Energy Partners A Limited Partnership; Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada); Dinero Operating Co/Ramsland; Dolores Hicks; Dorella Remy; Dorothy McNally Trust 779 NCNB Texas National Bank, Trustee; Dorothy Duque Grant; Dorothy L. McNally Trust 779 First Republic Bank Corsicana; Edgar

Ruth Addington; Edith Marler Edith Ann Marler Agency c/o Founders Trust Company; Elise M. Young; Elizabeth Stroube Johnson Family Trust Agency 829 NCNB Texas National Bank, Agent; Elizabeth Stroube Johnson Family Trust Joseph E. Stroube, Trustee c/o Nationsbank of Texas, N.A., Agency 217-040-082900; Eugene O. Jones; Evelyn H. Lee Richard L. Beasley, Trs.; Evelyn Grace Jones; Evelyn H. Lee; FAO Hatcher Farms, Inc. c/o Turtle Creek National Bank Acct. 10 2515 4; Farrar Oil Company; Fin-Oil, Inc.; Frank B. McNally Testamentary Trust 797 NCNB Texas National Bank, Trustee; Frank S.P. Sutherland; Frank B. McNally Test. Trust Nations Bank of Texas 797; Frank B. McNally Marital Trust Nations Bank of Texas 797; Frank B. McNally Marital Trust 798 NCNB Texas National Bank, Trustee; Gary B. Laughlin; Georgia E. West; Gerald Penny; GPM, Inc.; GPN Inc.; H.R. Stroube, Jr. Family Trust 649 NCNB Texas National Bank, Co-Trustee; H.R. Stroube, Jr. Nationsbank of Texas, N.A., Co-Trustees of the H.R. Stroube, Jr. Testamentary Trust, 217-040-037500; H.R. Stroube, Jr. Trust 375 NCNB Texas National Bank H.R. Stroube, Jr., Co-Trustees; H.R. Stroube, Jr. Trust 649 c/o Nations Bank of Texas; H.R. Stroube, Jr.; Hazel Thomsen; Headington Penn Corp.; Headington Penn Corp.; Helen Gholston Revocable Trust Helen Gholston, Trustee; Interfirst Bank of Corsicana Jack A. Stroube, As Co-Trustees of the Jack A. Stroube Testamentary Trust; Irwin Rubenstein; J. Don Looney; Jack A. Stroube Family Trust 650 NCNB Texas National Bank, Co-Trustee; Jack A. Stroube Trust 376 c/o Nations Bank of Texas; Jack A. Stroube Trust 650 c/o Nations Bank of Texas; Jack E. Smith; Jacquelynn R. …

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