Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases

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Filed 6-5-95

P-79-1099 _ Est of Michael; publ affi.

P-85-1338 _ Est of Webb; publ affi.

P-91-838 _ Est of Conn; publ affi.

P-93-720 _ Est of Moore Sr; publ affi.

P-94-113 _ Est of Brandenberg fka Reagan; publ affi.

P-94-827 _ Est of Gray; publ affi.

P-94-998 _ Est of Talbot; publ affi.

P-94-1226 _ Est of Oliver; publ affi.

P-94-1336 _ Est of Campbell; publ affi.

P-95-154 _ Est of Hicks; publ affi.

P-95-511 _ Est of Hamm; publ affi.

P-95-567 _ Est of Cottingham; publ affi.

P-95-695 _ Est of Casad; publ affi.

P-95-698 _ Est of Davis; publ affi.

P-95-699 _ Est of Meshew; publ affi.

P-95-703 _ Est of Evans; publ affi.

P-95-704 _ Est of Barron; publ affi.

P-57-712 _ Gdn of Marrinan Jr; order, annual report acct.

P-75-35 _ Est of Camren; motion.

P-89-663 _ Est of Ranck; order nunc pro tunc.

P-91-1219 _ Est of Traylor; order nunc pro tunc, motion.

P-91-1287 _ Est of Kemp Jr; inventory appraisement, ord not of sale on 6-19-95 at 9 am, appl, order, claim, affi of mail.

P-91-1787 _ Est of White; amended petition.

P-92-632 _ Est of Mills; order.

P-92-1091 _ Est of Prothrow; order.

P-92-1241 _ Est of Bynum; order, appl, petition, ord not of hrng on 6-28-95 at 9 am, proof of mail.

P-92-1255 _ Est of Farrell; final acct, ord not of hrng on 6-27-95 at 9 am, ord from OTC.

P-92-1484 _ Est of McLennan; ord not of hrng on 6-26-95 at 9 am.

P-93-34 _ Est of Ledbetter; appl, order.

P-93-560 _ Est of Frazier; objection.

P-93-1323 _ Est of Hutchins; order.

P-93-1570 _ Est of Treisa et al; affi of mail.

P-94-151 _ Est of Buckner; amended general inventory appraisement.

P-94-194 _ Est of Crigler; order, order nunc pro tunc.

P-94-418 _ Est of McHugh; affi of non-mail, affi of mail.

lP-94-545 _ Est of Halfmoon; ord from OTC.

P-94-630 _ Est of Weber; final acct,ord not of hrng on 6-26-95 at 1:30 pm.

P-94-893 _ Est of Grisham; order.

P-94-956 _ Est of Nguyen; ord not of hrng on 7-6-95 at 1:30 pm.

P-94-1021 _ Est of Herring; corrected affi of non-mail, ord from OTC.

P-94-1073 _ Est of Arvieux; order.

P-94-1354 _ ESt of Belitz; ord from OTC.

P-94-1355 _ Est of Montgomery; order.

P-94-1402 _ Est of McNeeley; order (2), notice. …

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