Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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Received 7-19-95

NA _ Information Not Available


Continental Resources, Inc., Velma 1-19, 19-28N-10W, E W SW SW 660fsl-500fwl, Tonkawa 4040, TD 5785, El. 1199, Surf. Csg. Depth: 520, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.

Ricks Exploration, Inc., Cushenberry 18B, 18-26N-12W, C NW SE SE, 990fsl-1650fwl, Lovell 4460, TD 5790, El. NA, Surf. Csg. Depth: 500, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.

Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corp., Clela 1, 17-24N-12W, W W E NW, 1320fsl-1470fwl, Hunton 7060, TD 7200, EL. 1335, Surf. Csg. Depth: 900, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP


P.F. Beeler, Benjegeades 1, 2-3N-23ECM, C NE NW, 1980fsl-1980fwl, Marmaton 5920, Td 7500, El. 2568, Surf. Csg. Depth: 1464, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.

Spectra Energy Corp., Jerry 2, 4-4N-21ECM, N NE SE NW, 1155fsl-2310fwl, Marmaton 5530, TD 5700, El. 2699, Surf. Csg. Depth: 1500, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.


Tide West Oil Company, Martin 26-I. 26-1N-9E, W W NE SE, 1980fsl-1400fwl, Hartshorne 1476, TD 1575, El. 658, Surf. Csg. Depth: 606, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.


Providence Oil and Gas Corporation, Christopher 2, 28-16N-17W, E E S SE, 1320fsl-1220fwl, Cottage Grove 8458, TD 11,700, El. 1888, Surf. Csg. Depth: 3996, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.

ANR Production Company, Fuqua 1-7, 7-19N-16W, C SW 1320fsl-132-fwl, Morrow 9266, TD 9266, El. 1825, Surf. Csg. Depth: 1527, Date Op. to Begin: 6/24/94.


Mobil Oil Corporation, Louise 1-27, 27-5N-6W, C NE SW SW, 990fsl-990fwl, Fortuna 2000, TD 12796, El. 1135, Surf Csg. Depth: 2008, Date Op. to Begin: ASAP.

OXY USA Inc., New- Thomas Unit Q-11, Old: SE Bradley A Unit Q-11, 14-4N-5W, S NW NE, 1930fsl-660fwl, Lindsay Deese 8450, TD 9705, El. 1080, Surf. Csg. Depth: 581, Date Op. to Begin: 8/30/94.

ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Byars 1, 24-4N-5W, NW NW, 1980fsl-660fwl, Primrose 9330, TD 10698, El. …

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