Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Wells Completed

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Wells Completed

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Received 6-25-96


Parker & Parsley Development, Bockelman 1-28, 28-3N-28ECM, CS2 S2 NW SW, 1470fsl-660fwl, Chester Lime Formation, Class: Gas, 0 BO, 2900 MCFGD, TD 7800.

Enron Oil & Gas Company, Hilderbrand 22 #1, 22-3N-27ECM, SE NW SE, 1725fsl-1209fwl, Endicott Formation, Class: Gas, 189 MCFGD, TD 5435.


Samson Hydrocarbons Company, Sanders 2-13, 13-9N-21W, C NE SE, 1980fsl-1980fwl, Granite Wash Formation, Class: Gas, 17 BO, 975 MCFGD, TD 11000.


Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corp., Bernhardt 2-8, 8-18N-11W, NW NW SE, 2310fsl-330fwl, Mississippi Lime Formation, Class: Gas, 5 BO, 1106 MCFGD, TD 9260.

Telstar Oil & Gas Corp., Mary Ann Marks 1-27, 27-18N-13W, C NW SE, 1980fsl-660fwl, Chester Formation, Class: Dry, TD 9100.

C.D. Operating Company, Inc. Zimmerman 1-A, 36-17N-12W, NE SW, 1980fsl-1980fwl, Morrow Sd. Formation, Class: Gas, 0 BO, 2132 MCFGD, TD 9060.

Mustang Fuel Corporation, Joella 1-29, 29-14N-12W, CW2 W2 SE, 1320fsl-119fwl, Springer Formation, Class: Gas, Trace BO, 700 MCFGD, TD 11800.


Aquila Energy Resources Co., West 2-14, 14-07N-0-9W, SE NW SW, 1800fsl-990, Springer Formation, Class: Gas, 0 BO, 2400 MCFGD, TD 7030.

Universal Resources Corp., Reimers 2-19, 19-13N-9W, NE, 1320fsl- 1320fwl, Atoka-Morrow Formation, Class: Gas, 0 BO, 1440 MCFGD, TD 10826.


Maynard Oil Co., S.C.D.S.U. 74-1A, 17-3S-2W, NE NE NE, 2445fsl- 2240fwl, Deese Formation, Class: Oil, 27 BO, TD 4050.

Keith F. Walker Oil & Gas Co., Pierce "A" 1-7, 8-2S-2W, SW NW SW, 1750fsl-380fwl, Springer Formation, Class: Gas, 5 BO, 1907 MCFGD, TD 7400.


Triad Energy, Inc. Jacobi 1-12, 12-3N-10W, 660fsl-990-fwl, Niles Formation, Class: Oil, 4 BO, 0 MCFGD, TD 6556.

Marathon Oil Company, Markle 1, 28-3N-9W, NE NE NE, 2145fsl- 2145fwl, Upper Helms Formation, Class: Dry, TD 7750.


RRK Production, Inc. …

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