Female Managers Top Counterparts in Decision-Making Business Study

Article excerpt

We've known for a long time that female managers are good team builders, negotiators and mentors.

But a recently released study confirmed what a lot of us already suspected -- women are also great decision-makers and strategists.

As a matter of fact, female managers were rated higher than their male counterparts in almost all categories no matter who was doing the rating -- themselves, their bosses or the people who work for them. Lawrence A. Pfaff and Associates, a Michigan-based human resources consulting firm, conducted the research from 1994 to 1996. More than 900 managers in 204 organizations participated in the firm's second study on management and leadership skills. Despite the lopsidedness of the findings, no one seems surprised that women outperformed their male counterparts, said Larry Pfaff, a management consultant in Kalamazoo, Mich. Perhaps some people assume that the women in management are the cream of the crop because many are the first generation to reach those ranks. The findings bode well for women because not only are we recognizing our skills, our bosses and employees are, too. Employees rated female managers higher than their male counterparts in 19 of 20 categories, and bosses rated them higher in 18 of 20 categories. …


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