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Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

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This Week: Tidbits

No Perot page here

(can't tell parody from reality?)

This is equal opportunity snottiness aimed at presidential nominees of both major parties, which must be why Cybergeek likes it so much. At first glance you may think you've fallen into a couple of "official" Web sites created by politicians' staffs, but upon closer inspection -- not a whole lot closer -- it quickly becomes apparent that these are a lot less friendly.

The Clinton page plays with the President's well-known propensity to analyze all sides of an issue, do something completely unexpected -- and then change his mind several more times. The Dole page pretends that the Republican is the founder of Dole Fruit Co. and has fun with his "courageous" stands in favor of family, mother, crime control, and mass consumption of overripe fruit.

Created by Brooks Talley and Mark Pace, these pages have been part of a continuing parody and commentary throughout this campaign season. Earlier pages had similar fun with Pat Buchanan ( and Steve Forbes (

Geek's warning: These pages are graphically very dense and take a very long time to download (like Spam through an hourglass).

For the good kinds of addictions

We are, it seems, a nation of collectors, going way beyond the relatively normal items such as stamps and coins. Glass bottles, toys, rocks, bottle caps, beer cans, books, magazines, political promises . . .

And that's why this Web site appears to have such wide appeal. Collectors SuperMall has assembled a big group of on-line stores selling things appealing to all kinds of collectors.

There are on-line forums for interactive discussions, news and updates, classified ads, calendars of shows and events, and price guides to help avoid overpaying.

A pretty good search engine is available if you find all this intimidating. It is pretty formidable, but if you are addicted to any of these things you'll come back often.

And we all want a fake

Minnesota driver's license, don't we? …

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